Hugely Popular Just Cause 2 Mod Goes Official, Gets On Steam

Hugely Popular Just Cause 2 Mod Goes Official, Gets On Steam

After over a year of testing, on the seventh of December, JC2-MP, the large-scale multiplayer mod for Square Enix’s shooty-hijacky sandbox game, will begin its final beta test.

Unlike previously, participants have to grab a key for the brand-new Steam version of the mod (which requires registering on the mod’s website), which will be unlocked at 3AM EST (8AM UTC) on December 7. At that point, people can jump right in-game and enjoy the added benefits of Steamworks-backed multiplayer.

The test concludes a week later, on the fourteenth, at which point the developers will announce a release date for the mod’s public version — not much wiggle room there; the news post promises that “come hell or high water, JC2-MP is coming out this year.” Can’t wait! Above is some footage from the August beta test to get y’all in the mood.

The Final Beta Test: 7th December 2013 [Official Forum]

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  • Allowing players to do what they want, and naturally group, is the definition of emergent multiplayer. Lay the digital laws of physics and let it flow. Would love to see what happens over a long period of time, in games such as GTA and the like.

  • Holy crap I brought JC2 in the last summer sale on Steam and still yet to play it. Now I have reason to. This this awesome.

  • ive had this game for years and go back to single player quite often – so much fun. when i found out about the multiplayer mod – it brought back a new life to the game – so much fun, so much carnage. so glad steamworks are helping these guys out.

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