I Had No Clue Hedgehogs Were So Darn Cute

I Had No Clue Hedgehogs Were So Darn Cute

Blame Sonic. Or Ron Jeremy. Blame someone or something! Because, really, I didn’t know hedgehogs were this adorable.

As a photographer (er, hedgehographer?), Tokyo-based Instagram user Shota Tsukamoto has been documenting his cute pet Darcy. Via website DDN Japan, here are some of the most memorable pics:

Sonic got it all wrong. We didn’t want a hedgehog with attitude, we wanted one with cuteness.

darcytheflyinghedgehog [Instagram via DDN]

GIF via Vmoney1337@Reddit.


  • I feel bad for you guys in Aus, we have hedgehogs here in NZ, but unfortunately they’re considered pests now so they’re hard to find at a pet store :\

    And that last picture, sooo cute XD

    I want one!

  • So… games and gaming culture? Because Sonic? That’s quite a stretch.
    I’d be angrier if it wasn’t so cute!

    • I know. I wouldn’t mind all the off-topic, barely-connected-to-gaming-and-gaming-culture articles if they were all as cute as this. But then, if I want cute, I suppose I could just go to I Can Has Cheezburger… But still, cute little hedgehog floating around in the bath! How can anyone argue wit that? Squee!

      • Actually, quite a few of these pics (including the bathtub one) have already been featured on icanhascheezburger.com. I know because a… uh… “friend” forced me to look at them… yeah.

  • They sell these little guys on the streets of Bangkok quite cheaply. I’ve seen a few pet stalls with them now and then.

    They certainly are cute!

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