I Put On My Technomancer Hoodie And Wizard Hat. Wait, What?

Magic? Beyond the odd card trick or flashy Vegas-style disappearing act, it's unlikely you're going to run into someone who can conjure fireballs or replace lost hit points with a wave of their hand. But you can get kind of close with ThinkGeek's latest edition to its catalogue — the "Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie", which is exactly what it sounds like.

Essentially, the hoodie lights up and plays sound effects to, uh, replicate the effects of classic spells — tossing out fireballs, raising the dead and summoning lightning, among others. Along with the required fabric to be considered an article of clothing, the hoodie comes with a speaker, various lighting assemblies, a harness for wiring and a "spell chart" (though this seems a missed opportunity to call it a spell book).

Rather than push buttons to command the elements, you need to move your hands and arms in set motions to trigger each spell. In fact, the ThinkGeek product page comes with a warning that the hoodie "isn't for everyone" and coming to grips with its abilities takes "time and patience".

Here's a full list of spells it's capable of performing:

Electroshock Thunderbolt Restore Health Fireball Shockwave Energy Beam Raise the Dead Warp Water Bending

Unsurprisingly, the product, which retails for $US119.99, is completely sold out at the time of writing, but based on its apparent popularity, I imagine more stock will come in soon... if only to satiate the hordes of amateur wizards desperate for the additional flair.

Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie [ThinkGeek, via CNET]


    want one but they're out of stock this hoodie would just be too much fun

    Mr Booker, you do realise that this item is an April fools gag? It's not a real item. It's even listed on ThinkGeeks April fools products page under 2012!

      They made it a real product due to the outpouring of fan demands for them to make it.

        Well in this circumstance, I'm happy to be completely wrong. It'd be nifty!

          Yeah, Thinkgeek stopped making all their April Fools products implausible a few years ago. Now they have one or two products they could never make, and the rest they decide whether to make based on visitor responses after April 1st.

    I've always wondered how you wash these things. Though it is magic so it should be ok.

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