'I Would Personally Like To See A Sequel Like [Final Fantasy X-3]'

Briefly: "I would personally like to see a sequel like [Final Fantasy X-3.] If there's enough demand, then we may possibly see new developments." Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts writer Kazushige Nojima, discussing a potential sequel to Final Fantasy X and X-2 in the new HD Remaster's Ultimania guidebook.


    Do Not Want...Even though I love FFX and the battle system for FFX-2 was amazing I don't want sequels to individual Final Fantasy games to become a thing....Square have already shown with FFXIII and it's sequels, that they don't know when to quit while they're ahead.

      agreed, playing through FFXIII-2 was painful, but that ending was pretty epic imo.
      A lot of it really comes down to the story and if it lends itself well to being furthered. Most FF games tie themselves up in a neat little bow so anything resembling a sequel seems forced. If it deals with spin-offs then there are occasionally potential threads to follow, Crisis Core etc weren't completely terrible (not great admittedly but not complete garbage). Revenant wings kind of worked and I think there would be room for some expanding on FF12. FF9 ended (and probably should have ended one boss earlier than it did) and nobody wants to play Zidane and Garnet : Married with Children simulator but Freya could work as an expanded character due to unfocused past and seemingly other stories to tell.

      In a nutshell though, while we like to say we want a true sequel to this and that game, it is more an admission to caring about the story it told and the characters it built, not out of any desire to go back to the world and break any preexisting concept we have about it. A sequel to The Last of Us? nope, it ended right where it should have, exactly the way it should have and that should be preserved, not messed with.

        I actually though crisis core was amazing. That semi-realtime combat was boss, and I felt the story never suffered from prequelitits, which is always good for a game of that nature. The key is finding a way to develop the characters and settings we know and love, without interfering with or changing the existing material too much.

          Crisis Core was the best thing to have ever come out of the whole FF7 Compendium not to mention it gave what I consider the best version of Aerith's theme.

    Assuming they use the recent FFX audio drama as a lead in to FFX-3, please no, it sounds like the average fanfic.


    How about you put all your energy into freaking finishing FF15 and KH3 first for f*cks sake.

    Maybe Square should focus more on making decent FF games again rather than making half-arsed sequels.

    FFX is amazing, truely! FFX-2 undid most of what FFX accomplished, a third would be a travesty

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