I’d Have Killed A Man To Go To Gran Turismo 6’s Launch

I’d Have Killed A Man To Go To Gran Turismo 6’s Launch

I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with Gran Turismo over the years. I used to love it. Then I hated it, bored of how sterile and lifeless it had become. Now… I appreciate it for what it is. I’ve got Forza for when I want to get behind a car and go “WWWAAHAHHHHAHAHHAH”. For those times I want to play the video game equivalent of sniffing an expensive car brochure, I’ve got Gran Turismo.

Which is probably why the game’s launch event in Spain looked so awesome. These kind of things are normally a dull affair. Some loud music, some demo booths, some developers droning on about stuff they’re being forced to drone on about by marketing.

Sticking a bunch of very expensive cars on the side of a mountain in the gorgeous Andalusian town of Ronda? Not dull.

There was even the cute touch of locals naming a street in the town after the series’ creator, Kazunori Yamauchi.


      • I’ve got one of those. It is freakin’ sweet – greatest car I’ve ever owned 🙂

        Although the one in this photo appears to be the Nismo version, which isn’t available in Australia.

        • Yeah. I’d go a GTR but I think the 370Z is a little more within my reach, price wise 🙂

          • The new Mustang coming out here in a couple of years looks pretty darn nice, too. And cheaper than what a 370Z currently goes for.

          • Well thank god we all can get GT5 to pretend we have everything 🙂
            Though I look at my S15 and wish I could get it to the spec I have it in GT5 🙁

  • Looks like a great time was had by all.

    But this little black duck has moved on from last generation and Forza 5 is where it’s now at.

    For those picking this one up though, enjoy!

    • I have moved back from Forza to GT, MS can stick their microtransaction BS up their arse.
      Plus I think that generally GT6 looks as good or better, especially as far as track accuracy goes. The Bathurst track is considerably better in GT6 than Forza.

        • Yes it does, but the game wasn’t changed around them. Forza was borked to force you into microtransactions, redesigning the entire game around constantly trying to get you to cough up more money, and restricting you if you don’t.
          GT left the game exactly the same as far as earning cars etc. goes, they just added the capability to pay for them if you want to. Quite a different thing.

  • Luke, this article title made me think of Paul Walker but I decided not to make a joke about that.

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