Idea: Let Cats Decide A Winner In The Console Wars

Idea: Let Cats Decide A Winner In The Console Wars

Reader Gareth decided to settle the console wars the only way he knew how: by getting his cat to decide. Gareth, your Nobel Peace Prize is in the mail.

"My cat, as you can see from the attached, prefers the larger, low humming warmth afforded by the Xbox One", Gareth writes. "He consistently sleeps on the Xbox and has never once countenanced the smaller, cheaper Sony machine. This may be the valuable consumer advice needed by your readers in order to make a wise and balanced decision."

Sure is. Super useful. So next time you scout a "PS4 vs XB1" comparison chart looking for the right system for you, remember, if it doesn't note that the XB1 makes a more comfortable pet bed, it's not giving you the complete picture.

(Pictures of sleeping hamsters or mice on a PlayStation Camera can be sent here, thanks.)


    Probably because it's strong enough to heat up the whole room.

    Actually, haven't seen it but where's the fan for the Xbone? I still have a slim, with its large fan on the top, and whenever something is above the console I freak my shit out. Even if it's just particles of dust.

      Xbox One vents out the top like the latest slim Xbox 360 i.e. where the cat is sitting.

    interesting, because i believe the ps4 gets hotter due to the xbone having a power brick..
    although, the car would choose the highest one, and of course, the xbone is massive

    I wonder if MS tested for added cat-warmth and cat-hair-intake in their testing?

      Please. This thing originally required an internet connection to work at all. With that much internets they would pretty much have to include a cat in every box.

      Presumably their policy backflip removed the need for providing a cat as standard.

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    I wouldn't let my pets near my $500+ consoles....

    Pfft, ofcourse the cat would choose an Xbox over a play station....firstly they are unintelligent and secondly they are 76% evil, just like Microsoft.

    Down at the Sony lab, our indipenant testing shows most dogs (I.E. mans best friend) prefure PS4s......followed closely by ps3s. Those few dogs who did choose xboxes were also more likely to eat babies.

    So choose Xbox if you must but if you don't want to be seen as a person who agrees with dogs eating babies or evil cats then I think we all agree playstation is the only one to go with.

      Downvoted for badmouthing cats, our supreme masters.

        Dogs > Cats


            That was funny

            I've seen one of my cat get its paw stuck in its cats might be special in a more special kind of way??

        The cats have chosen there hurts but the console wars will continue regardless.

        If the cats ever see reason and come join us in camp playstation we will be glad to have them back......after the xbone burning ceremony of course.

        Difference between Cats and Dogs.

        Dogs think you are God.
        Cats know that they ARE God.

      I thought you would have picked the xbox to be the dog.....big, dumb and your always shouting at it :P

    > Light-hearted article on the console wars with a smart juxtaposition to cats
    > All of Kotaku comes to post elitist comments

    This just says to me that the Xbone gets hotter, and that's scary cause my ps4 gets extremely hot O_o.

      Thermal tests have the XB1 running cooler than the PS4. Cats don't like to get burned either, just a pleasant warmth =)

        fair enough, yeah i thought the Xbone would have to get pretty damn hot to beat the ps4, seriously that console is scary, the whole area around it gets heated up,

      Yeah it was stupid including the power supply inside the case

    It doesn't, it runs cooler and quieter. The cat would love the fact it vents that heat out the top where it's lying though.

    Cat? What ca....OH MY GOD HE'S CAMFLAGED!!!

    More things the XBOne can be used for that isn't playing games. Perhaps the cat is actually saying that it won't dirty and sully the PS4, but it's fine to just lay all over the XBOne and get it dirty and full of cat smell. Also, the PS4 isn't on, I call shenanigans. /troll

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    If the Wii U was there he would've chosen it. For Super Mario 3D World of course!

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