There's Now A YouTube App For The 3DS

In case you missed it over the long weekend, there's now a YouTube app for the 3DS. One step closer to a golden age where every game console has the ability to display adorable kitten videos. Waiting on you, PlayStation 4.


    So they shut down Letterbox/Swapnote, but add Youtube, where there's obviously NOTHING offensive or weird. I don't get big companies.

      I think it's a bit different when Nintendo was publishing Swapnote compared to Google

      It wasn't so much about accessing offensive content but that swapnote was being used to create offensive content.

    Hmmm so some detail would've been nice:

    Like can it play 3D videos? Also is it as slow to load as the Wii's YT app?

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      If you attempt to fast forward a video it gets a bit jerky, I've found, but otherwise the video plays rather smoothly.

    On another note; my toaster, also, has a YouTube app (no it doesn't).

    hi there just downloaded it today i also searched 3d and yes 3d videos poped up in side by side 3d

    Not a bad app, could do with a comments section though. Still, I tried it last night, not only is it stable it also let me watch the entire Ju-On: the Grudge film :3 (no crashes either!)

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