Kotaku Awards 2013: Vote For Your Favourite PC Game Of The Year

Kotaku Awards 2013: Vote For Your Favourite PC Game Of The Year

Well this is a big one — vote for your favourite PC game of the year! We’ve taken your nominations now it’s time to tick that box and make your vote count!

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  • @markserrels dont wanna be ‘that guy’, but you’ve got Saints Row the Third in place of Saints Row IV.
    also, XCOM : Enemy Unknown / Within?

  • Tomb Raider gets my vote. I was tempted to give it to Bioshock, but while it had an awesome story, the gameplay was somewhat lacking, and Tomb Raider had both an awesome story and awesome gameplay.

  • No Rome 2? It’s so popular 😀 I’ve been playing Skyrim more than anything this year but I guess I can’t vote for that so I’ll vote for Europa seeing as it’s one of the few Master Race only games on the list

    • Not sure if serious about Rome 2,still no sli support and whatever settings I use every battle turns into a mosh pit and every siege turns into a slide show.

      Next week the Ceaser expansion comes out despite the general mess the core game is in, I think I’m done with TW.

  • Would have said Payday 2 (nothing beats a perfect heist), but Battlefield 4, my love goes to you. As well as my vote.

  • Arma III, closely followed by BF4. Arma III because of the attention to detail, not to mention the depth and realism is astounding. Incredibly satisfying to play seriously with like minded people, too.

  • there seems to be a problem with this pole… after voting i get the option to vote again, that doesn’t sound very fair.

    • but dont you find it boring now? The original DOTA was fun as hell. LoL made it more fast paced. But i feel like Dota 2 hasnt done anything new and re-branded the same…

      • Oh yes, let’s have this discussion :p

        Dota has been continually evolving and Dota 2 simply bought it into a modern engine while introducing match-making etc. It’s an extraordinarily solid execution of a great idea.

        I don’t feel like LoL is more fast paced than Dota at all. If anything, I feel like LoL is smaller and less mobile than Dota. Having a courier, side shops and TP scrolls makes a huge difference to how you can play and then there’s the vision mechanics…

        They’re different games. I don’t feel like the changes that LoL were improvements.

        • Mobas hate me. I want them to love me, but they don’t. They mock me and make me feel inadequate. All I wanted was to belong. To contribute. It was not to be.

  • I want to say the Stanley Parable as it sucked me in and i wanted to play every inch of it. But it was short and in reality not a game persay, more of a narrative or “Parable”.

    So my vote goes to BF4. Yeah its got bugs (blast you!) but the bugs arent game breaking in my experience.

    Bioshock however i havent been able to play due to a crippling bug where everything runs at 3 FPS. Thats even the intro video clips. Completely unplayable and after hours of tweaking it still cant load. “sigh”

    Dota 2 and XCOM were massive letdowns imo.

  • Sorry to say, but none of these games will earn my vote.
    What happened to Dead Space 3, Starcraft 2, Skyrim legendary edition or Deus Ex HR Director’s cut?
    Instead the list gets diluted with “games” never heard of like Poker Night 2 or night of the rabbit.

    • No one nominated them at the nomination stage, which would imply no one thinks they’re worthy of GOTY.

      And because you haven’t heard of them they’re not real games? Right…

    • I’m not being snarky here, but I can tell you what happened to those games :

      – Dead Space 3 was never really gonna be a contender for GOTY.
      – Starcraft 2 didn’t come out this year, if you’re talking about the expansion, then this isn’t the right category for it.
      – all the content in the Skyrim : LE came out last year.
      – DX:HR:DC is arguably just a patched version of DX:HR.

    • @35 beat me to the punch about SC2, Skyrim: LE and DX:HR Director’s Cut

      Dead Space 3 – it was a good game but I guess the Kotaku fans didn’t nominate it

      Night Of The Rabbit is a good game. A nice change of pace being a essentially a point-and-click adventure

      Personally Poker Night 2 I haven’t played so I won’t comment

      My vote went to Tomb Raider…game had nice graphics and a really good story to boot (pretty much a great job of rebooting the franchise)

    • SC2 is not new – HotS is basically an expansion pack, Skyrim LE is just Skyrim with all the DLC included, and DX:HR is a re-release. All old games. Pretty much just leaves DS3 as the only title from 2013 really eligible.

      If you think the list of nominees is ‘diluted’ by stuff like Poker Night 2 or Night of the Rabbit, it sounds like you need to broaden your horizons a little.

      EDIT: ninja’d by @35. *shakes fist*

  • DOTA 2!!!
    Skyrim LE gets a mention, CS GO as well and AC IV is awesome, but DOTA 2 is simply the best.

  • Where’s Gone Home? Gone Home was by far one of the most interesting games this year, definitely on the level of The Walking Dead and Journey in 2012.

  • So sad that Metro: Last Light has a snowballs chance of winning – horribly underrated game, mainly due to the horrible English voice acting. But, put it on Russian with subtitles, and feel the atmosphere seep into your bones.

    • Solid game for sure, but niche I think. What’s sadder is that now most of the votes are in, Battlefield 4 rated second place, higher than XCOM and Tomb Raider. Sadface.

  • star conflict…………………………… errrr where is it lol im not even gonna vote on that list

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