Intense Gamer Will End You

Intense Gamer Will End You

Like any form of competition, pro gaming is full of smack talking and rivalry. And, like any smack talk, things can get a bit intense.

Volume Warning: The clip includes a lot of shouting.

In the video above, one competitive gamer's rivalry gets a bit too intense for comfort. It's actually a bit scary to be perfectly honest, and a steady reminder that even gaming is not immune to screaming, insane showboating.

Relax, bro. Also, please don't hurt me.

Ringshouse via Daily Pics And Flicks


    His voice is squeaking like he is still going through puberty. This aint a good look for his team and his sponsors.

    I feel embarrassed for him watching that

    I like how people want "professional gaming" to be taken "seriously" and yet, they not only let crap like this be accepted but act like it's part of it.

      A lot like regular sports, really...

        No, sports have referees that can card and disqualify you for this sort of behaviour. Until E-Sports start monitoring their players it will never be taken as seriously.

          Yeh nah sports fans will still say "Look at the people not doing physical activity trying to copy our rule sets". Player monitoring does exist, and I really don't think this even was at that high of a level. Its similar to players on a field in a B-Grade international match talking smack to eachother. We don't hear any of it, and you rarely see it be punished.

          heck, watch some cricket... aha :P

      Let's be honest, plenty of different professional sports have people who go way too far, like this well known example:
      I dont think it makes the sport or competition any less valid, it just makes the guy doing it look like an absolute dick.

    I do martial arts refereeing now and then, I've disqualified someone for showboating after he won for this very sort of behaviour. This *exact* sort of behaviour. It involved swearwords, telling the other guy he was 'shit' and embarassing himself and his dojo. He was cautioned once, continued to do so, then red carded and disqualified.

    To be considered an athlete you should beholden yourself to a level of conduct above all others, though this is only one person, I must ask why he wasn't at least immediately cautioned for such behaviour.

    Does anyone know if these professional tournaments have a code of conduct system? After all, if they want to be taken seriously, they should at least act professionally.

    That was Awesome, that high pitch, i lost it there, too funny.

    Gee, I wonder what he's like when he loses. I hope he gets kicked off of his team.

    Its trash talking. Its a part of pretty much every competitive sport.

    What a douchebag. Yeah it's trash talking. Yeah it's part of every sport. But seriously. Show a bit of class when you win. I can't stand fuckwits like this. I've played a lot of sport over the years and seen this a lot, both from people on and my team and against my team. I've never once condoned it. During the game it's ok, but not when you win. Show a bit of humility ya goose

    Arrogance: Just because you think you're good, doesn't mean someone wont punch you in the face.

    I'm pretty sure i could beat this guy with a limp bit of lettuce. I could probably beat him at whatever game he was playing too.

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