It's Taken 9 People 15 Months To Make This Game.

It's Taken 9 People 15 Months To Make This Game. Really.

Strike Vector's beta will be commencing very soon. If you look at this gameplay clip and don't want to join in, I don't think we can be friends.

You can sign up to take part here.


    Oddly enough this game kind of reminds me of Phantom Crash on the original Xbox.

    Will be checking this out once it is release :)

      Wait, I can do better... This reminds me of a fast paced fury 3 on windows 95.

    Sign up where?

      Send an email to the address in the video.

        Well that's a lot different than signing up. It's more along the lines of enquiring

          It at least shows some intent to the developers that you have an interest in testing the game, rather than just a bot harvesting steam keys from a web form.

    This reminds me of descent back in the day, I loved descent.

      I thought Descent too, and it was a good game back in the day, but this looks... well I guess Mr Plunkett and I can't be friends.... :)

      Last edited 23/12/13 10:02 am

        Well Luke and I are going to be long loving friends.

    It looks amazing, but i can smell MT pay to win.. i hope my senses are wrong..

      Why did you have to mention that, now I'm all worried. I don't like being skeptical of things that look awesome.

    I'm a bit confused why the trailer (and therefore the article name) bothers to mention how many devs and months were involved. Are they saying look how quick we are, or look how much of our lives we've dedicated to this? And if they had 135 developers, could they have done it one month?

    Or am I just overtired and blathering on (in type form)?

    I hope Sony push to get this on the PS4

    So it's Subspace, turned up to 11?

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