Japan's Nerd Heroine Has Amazing Criteria For A Boyfriend

Japan's Nerd Heroine Has Amazing Criteria For a Boyfriend

Japan's queen of Pokémon is looking for a boyfriend. Can you meet her standards? Got a set of nunchucks?

Shoko Nakagawa is Japan's nerd heroine — an open geek who proudly displays her love of Pokémon, cats, and anime wherever she goes. She is currently the Pokémon captain for the weekly children's TV show, Pokémon Smash!, has performed as a voice actress in multiple Pokémon movies, and is starring in the upcoming movie Nuiguruma Z (what the Hell did I just see!?) from Noboru Iguchi, the director of The Machine Girl and Robo Geisha.

With such a profile, you'd think she'd have her pick of the crop when it comes to a significant other. Unfortunately, perhaps due to her inherent shyness, the celebrity is still single and actively looking for someone to share a romantic Christmas with.

"It's been my dream since childhood to have a passionate kiss at the Korakuen Amusement Park." Nakagawa said in an interview with Niko Niko News. Nakagawa went on to declare "I'm going to have a hot giza kiss while I'm in my 20's!" (Note: "Giza" is part of Nakagawa's own unique vocabulary. Supposedly it's derived from the word, "giga.")

Asked to describe her ideal mate, Nakagawa immediately replied, "Someone who's better at games than me, loves cats, has old or raw wounds, has a beautiful kicking form, and can use nunchucks." Nakagawa is currently 28 going on 29 — as she put it, "The same age as Misato from Evangelion..." — so she has little over a year to find a gamer Bruce Lee to sweep her off her feet so she doesn't have to spend her Christmases a la sad Keanu. Anyone up to the challenge?

Japan's Nerd Heroine Has Amazing Criteria For a Boyfriend

しょこたん、熱愛懇願「熱いギザキッスする」 [ニコニコニュース]

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    lol wish more gamer chicks would be doing this ha i would fit in so many criteria but anyways atm still too young

    fine i'll do it.......but she is paying for the airfair AND she had best be grateful!!!

    Last edited 13/12/13 8:51 pm

    So, basically she's asking for a Jotaro.

    What? I'm good at games and specialize in nunchucks. Someone hook a brother up.

    Sounds like less of a singles ad and more of a job ad

    Considering how Idols like her often lose work/get death threats from fans when they do anything that hints that they're not available romantically, it's no wonder what she says she's looking for has enough of 'Hey, that's me!' as well as a healthy serving of 'I could be like that!'

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