Just Bought More Stuff In The Steam Sale. Click On This Link And You Will Too.

I am the harbinger of your financial doom. I just bought The Stanley Parable. It was only $8.99 at 40% off. Normally I am immune to Steam Sales, but this time I have been weak.

Today's deals are pretty good. They might actually be the best yet. This is the second last day of the sale as well, so if you're looking to pick something up now is the time.

I've already mentioned The Stanley Parable, which is awesome. Europa Universalis IV for $19.99 is a decent purchase — if it's as good as I've been told it is.

Tomb Raider is arguably one of the best 'AAA' games of the year and it's currently 80% off at $13.99. That's just ridiculous.

Oh and Brutal Legend is currently $1.99 on a flash sale. Wow.


    Brave New World 66% off ($16.99) for those who don't have it.


    Actually I've kinda been glad that these sales haven't been that great (IMO) - although I own a lot of the items that have been listed, so that's kinda sad I couldn't wait for sales :P I loved what I've played of The Stanley Parable - I was laughing my ass off.

    I'd been good this time around and hadn't bought anything! ..Until this morning when Stanley Parable and Brutal Legend popped up.


    I really want to play the Stanley Parable...but 40%?

      Still worth it. Was an unexpectedly fun game. I casually still play it for a good laugh.

    How long does the sale go for? Some non daily deals I looked at had the same countdown timer as everything else on daily sale.

      It ends Thursday tonight 4am if I have my timezones correct. When they enter the last 48 hours of a sale, everything starts counting down to the end. "Daily" deals are actually also 48 hours long.

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        Don't worry, the holiday (Christmas) sale will be starting on the 19th, if this supposed leaked email is to be believed.


        Prepare your wallets people.

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      Anything without a timer ends sometime in the AM for us. Since it's the last day of the sale.


    Steam now requires me to do some extra security stuff before I buy a game. They must think my account was hijacked or something with the amount of games I was buying.

    $9.99USD Tomb Raider for me. Using the AU account and all. I recommend the game.

    Picked up Brutal Legend, even though I own it unopened on PS3. Will trade it in!

      Ha, you'll be lucky to get 2 bucks for it at EB. seeing as how they sell it for $4.


        Damn it and I was a chump by buying it for 8 bucks a few weeks ago!

    Been waiting for Dishonored to come up on sale. Was stoked when I saw it there two days ago. Also just bought the Stanley Parable. Considering Civ V, but have never played any of the Civ games. Is it worth it?

    Nah im all good, I barely need to buy STANLEY PARABLE ok you got me there take my money.

    I've done alright so far. I've only bought Farcry 3. I think during the last one I bought the Valve pack (with HL, HL2, Portal, TF2 etc.), the GTA pack (1, 2, 3, VC, SA, 4 & 4: LCS) and DeadSpace 1 & 2 (which I haven't even played yet)

    Might take a second look at the Stanley Parables. Sounds good.

    I picked up Fez, Far Cry 3 and upgraded Deus EX:HR to Directors Cut last night. Damn you steam sales. Stanley Parable is tempting and even though I've played it right through on PS3, I'm oddly drawn to getting Tomb Raider to play on the monster PC. No, Steam, no. Damn you Steam.

    The Green Man Gaming climax of its 4 Play sale is much better IMO http://www.greenmangaming.com/4-play-climax/

    This weeks haul....
    Dead Island
    Half Minute Hero
    Papers Please
    Doctor Who
    L.A. Noire
    Fallout Collection
    State of Decay Breakdown
    Ace of Spades
    GT Legends
    Black Ink
    Art Rage 4

    And this is just during the sale. I tend to grab a new game almost every week. I hate you so much STEAM. :P

    I had been thinking about getting Witcher 2 for a while.
    There was just no reason not to buy it for 4.99

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