Just Cause 2 Is Better With 800 Players

It’s always so much fun to play a game like Battlefield with 64 players on a map, but it really can’t compare to 850 players all flying around in their own personal 747s. I grabbed Leo and we ventured back to Panau to see what CHAOS we could stir up.


  • to be honest, i wasnt a fan of it.
    I liked the idea of it, but when me and my friends tried to do anything, were were pommeled by 40 people having a mini war every 5 seconds

  • Correction, Just Cause 2 is Freaking Amazing with 850 players. The chaos and challenges you make with people, so much fun and the lag and crashes have been very minimal.

  • Anyone who doesnt enjoy this is doing it wrong. This isnt BF4 or CoD. All you do is fuck around and then die in a comical way. Rinse and repeat and after about 30 hours of this Im still enjoying it.

  • Ive played for about 5 hours now, and its bloody good fun. Joined many players on road trips, where we just drive for the sake of it, ever creative death matches where flying a tiny plane above someones helicopter, bailing out, attaching to their copter with the wire and while in close proximity spawning the largest plane in the game to achieve mutual destruction is great.

    Do not join, expecting order. You will find only chaos. And it is beautiful

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