Just Cause 2’s PC Multiplayer Mod Launches All Kinds Of Mayhem Today

If you thought those mass BASE jumps in Battlefield 4 were cool, hum a few bars of the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod for PC, which just came out of beta and goes live on Steam today. Group parachuting joins boat races, jet combat and demolition derbies among the activities awaiting you in the tropical paradise of Panau.

The mod is free, available via Steam, and will unlock in two hours, according to its Steam page. It went through a weeklong beta test that ended Saturday and the mods developers delivered on their promise that it would launch this year “come hell or high water.”

Jets, jeep, ATVs, helicopters, snowy mountains and sunny beaches all await in Panau. Seems like the perfect place to spend your vacation this winter.

JC2-MP Official Launch Trailer [YouTube]


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