Yay, Battlefield 4 PC Version Bug Fixes

Just a quick one… “Kill trading” in Battlefield 4’s PC version is among the glitches fixed in the latest patch DICE rolled out earlier today. A sound-loop bug that had been bothering a lot of people also should be cleared up, too. Many more details are here.


  • I honestly can’t be bothered going back to BF4 now. I tried to play for weeks, it was very fun but crashing after playing for 10 minutes every time, it’s just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Yeah, I’m playing in the background atm and it’s just kind of meh… Even without the crashes, only crashed once or twice today, it just feels very unpolished and broken. I’m still playing, but I’m really not enjoying it a whole lot.

      • It’s a shame that an early bad experience can ruin what is otherwise a year long game. I know it’s going to get better but at the same time my enthusiasm is sort of dead.

        • DICE don’t have a year to get this right, especially on Console.

          2014 sees Titanfall, Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5 and The Division all coming into the mix.

          DICE will be lucky to have even 1/4 of the playerbase it does now if any of those titles turn out to be done really well.

          Don’t hold your breath for BF5… people have now been bitten badly by BF4’s release and will likely skip it.

          EA destroys yet another gaming studio.

  • I always get a good chuckle from negative EA comments. It’s like people are getting slapped on the face at launch then periodically later. EA is satisfied by the purchases, meeting financial forecasts, there isn’t a need to change how they do things.

    Don’t worry though, EA will eventually stop slapping players 6 months later, which is when the proper bug fixes will been done.

      • The problem with a boycott is that it doesn’t send a message. They’re just as likely to see it as the games fault rather than theirs. I get the impression even after the dust settled they still didn’t quite understand that they killed an absolute golden goose with SimCity. If we all skipped Battlefield 4 it’d be DICE’s fault for not making it modern warfare enough. BF5 would end up being the Battlefield equivalent of Poochie.
        I wish there was a clearer way we could all get together and say ‘you know what EA, you’ve made some pretty awesome games happen. You’re developers? Freakin’ sweet. Some of the best in the business. Your business practices, agendas and attempts to find new additional revenue streams in just about everything you do on the other hand suck. You ruined some otherwise fantastic games last generation. This generation just stick to releasing great games’.
        After all if they were releasing terrible game after terrible game nobody would have an issue. It’s the fact we have to choose between not playing a great game and having almost zero impact on sales or selling out and playing the great game even though we don’t want to support the company.

        The Battlefield franchise is taking a serious hit right now and odds are they’re going to chalk it up to other factors like Call of Duty Ghosts (a weak game in a series that doesn’t even directly compete with Battlefield). =(

        • Maybe you’re right, maybe myself and people like me are having zero effect. But I do make an effort to comment on EA news and review articles where I can for things I would otherwise be interested in. I’m sure at least one person at EA spends time reading their reviews that are published and the comments that come along with them.

          Check out the first comment on Kotaku AU’s review of Battlefield 4. You think EA Australia at least has not seen that, and the upvotes it has? http://www.kotaku.com.au/2013/10/battlefield-4-the-kotaku-review/#comments It has downvotes as well of course, but the point is that it is clearly divisive.

          • But I do make an effort to comment on EA news and review articles where I can for things I would otherwise be interested in.

            That’s really all you can do. I’m not knocking you for it or anything, even though I’m not participating I support anyone willing to boycott, it mostly just frustrates me because I feel the things that ruin EA games are caused by an attitude that will also block out the feedback it needs to hear. I can’t help but think if anyone went up to their superiors with a frank and accurate summary of why SimCity not bringing in bucketloads of money for the next four years was not just the fault of one person but the way the entire operation is being run they’d be fired before the first paragraph.
            Every now and then they try and clean their image up a little so they know people hate them, but I don’t think anyone there is willing to acknowledge that their terrible image stems from poor decision making/attitudes right at the top.

    • EA will count on the bottom line for the franchise remaining constant.

      That’s about to change March 11, 2014

  • Did it actually fix things? I haven’t played since China Rising came out. That update killed the game.

  • This took way too long. I feel kinda bad for dice. I get the feeling EA pushed this game out the door unfinished on 5 platforms to compete with call of duty.

    • and failed spectacularly.

      Tell me, even as a DICE fan, will you be so eager to line up day 1 for a DICE product ever again?

      I won’t

      • I will. Even if EA pushed DICE to ship BF4 unfinished they recently announced that all other projects and DLC content has been put on hold until BF4 is fixed. This means things like Star Wars Battlefront does not already have a ticking expected date. DICE do not want to go through another BF4 release shamble, so I’m hopeful their next project will be given comfortable development time.

        That said who knows if the clock is ticking on Star Wars to coincide with a movie release. I sure hope not.

  • I liked it before this patch where grenades you threw didn’t dissappear when you die. I loved watching the death cam knowing the person who killed you is about to cop the nade you dropped on deaths door.

  • I haven’t crashes since December 6 patch. Welcome any new patches.

    I’m enjoying the game immensely apart from the fact that progression seems twice as fast as bf3 especially considering I haven’t slammed boosts or double XP events hardly at all

  • My buzz has been killed for the ps4 version every time I Play get Atleast one ce blab blah error annoyed about that Atleast one lan l
    Cable disconnected f you so y this happened heaps on ps3 and %30 of matches either rubber band like crazy or my avatar falls in and out of the ground same with amour and heli’s but thats probably the same as rubber banding

  • Many of my Clan mates have endured all manner of bugs/crashes etc where I’ve only suffered the occasional crash or kick…I’m at a loss as to explain why I’ve been spared so many of the agonies BF4 is inflicting upon the faithful? I agree the frustration must be enough to make one want to rip your own eyes from your sockets but boycotting EA tells them nothing. If you want to voice your displeasure or get a result from EA for a better product or a more efficient customer service result, start a FB page petition or your own web site or organise a mass email campaign to EA. There must be enough net savvy types out there to effect an outcome along these lines surely? And watch when it does happen EA will say “…we had no idea that so many people were affected and felt so aggreived” Action provokes a reaction….

  • The problem is that every patch the introduce they bring more problems. The revive glitch that used to kick you out of the game has been fixed……. to leave you in game with the graphic covering your crosshairs so you might as well be dead anyway. Granted not as bad as crashing but cmon…. if your making a fix do it properly and test your results before going live with a fix.

    While there has been major stability issues i don’t see those bugs as the biggest problem. They have watered it down with to many no skill weapons. It doesn’t reward skilled players using teamwork it rewards spammers.

    I loved bf3 (even though it wasnt perfect) and put in over 1000 hours. It took me till about 700 hours to level cap as it had been a while since i’d played any first person shooters. It was hard but rewarding as i also started 2 dlc’s into the game.

    Bf4 i am one rank away from level capping at just 175 hrs. Thats with messing around going for most assignments as well so it could have been done a lot faster. The watering down of this series is why now the 30 member strong clan im in now normally has 1 or 2 people playing at a time unless scrimming. I see this with many other clans as well….. its catering to the lowest common denominator.

    Until they fix this it wont matter if all the bugs in the game are fixed its still lost track of its core market.

    Before anyone suggests it i know there is games like arma but that is two close to a RL sim. BF3 and the batlefield’s before it sat in a good place between the likes of arma and the medal of honor series.

    My 2 cents anyway

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