Kotaku Awards 2013: Best Online Experience

I like this award because it's less about the games and more about something really cool within those games, like features that get ignored. This is their time to shine.

And you guys and girls voted for...

Reader's Choice

The player search system in Pokemon X/Y Could this be one of the few Nintendo online systems that actually sort of delivered? You all seem to think so!

2nd Place: Grand Theft Auto: Online 3rd Place: Payday 2


    Really surprised to see Payday 2 up there. I've been really enjoying it and love how active the devs are but didn't realise it was so popular.

    Lol how did GTAO get in there. It's HORRRIBLE.

      Have you actually played GTAO? With friends? Its probably the most fun Ive had online all year.

        Yeah, I found it horrible, the weird difference in the lobby + actual gameplay makes the lobby just seem dumb as hell. The death match missions that take like 3min to load, then last 30 seconds, then another 3min to load back. There is a lot of shit that game is doing wrong.

        It's got potential, but it's half-baked at the moment. Also, the execution is frankly terrible. Potential does not outweigh actual execution, that's why it's weird it's #2.

    Does it have to be a game released this year, or a game you played this year?

    If it's played, then my vote goes to Dark Souls. A game with a fantastic community that made me long for the old days of Halo. Considering this is a game that's supposed to piss you off, that's saying a lot.

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      Yeah but Monster Hunter is that same gameplay, but with tighter hit boxes and better multiplayer?

    I like on the online experience of r/gonewild.

    GTA Online is the most fun i have had in a online game for a while.

    Pokemon online was fantastic. Seamlessly integrated, with simple to use options such as voice chat. Lots of different ways to participate such as pokemon trading, pokemon battling, O-gifting (just giving little boosts to your friends) and the list goes on.

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