Kotaku Awards 2013: Mobile Game Of The Year

Kotaku Awards 2013: Mobile Game Of The Year

You’ve nominated, you’ve voted, and now it’s time to announce the winners of this year’s Kotaku Awards. We’re already announced the Handheld games of the year, not it’s time to talk mobile!

This is probably the closest vote I’ve ever seen in the history of Kotaku awards ever. There was literally 0.5 of a per cent between number one and number two…

Reader’s Choice

Plants vs Zombies 2 I think it makes sense. A lot of people love and play Plants vs Zombies, so it makes sense that the sequel would be popular. I confess that I haven’t actually played this at all. I wasn’t too enamoured with the original. Just not really my thing.

2nd Place: Ridiculous Fishing 3rd Place: Rayman Fiesta Run

Editor’s Choice

Duet Not too sure why but, without exception, all of my favourite mobile games this year were created in Australia. Stickets, Puzzle Retreat and — of course — my Editor’s Choice, Duet.

Duet is a great example of what I personally enjoy in mobile games: seamless controls that work with the touch screen as opposed to against it. Simple mechanics with surprising depth. The kind of game you want to show people, games you want to talk about with friends.

Duet combines puzzle elements with twitch controls, but the reason it’s my favourite mobile game of the year is its originality. Its unique circular controls require a complete shift in thinking. That’s what’s so rewarding: watching your malleable little brain slowly comprehend what’s going on. Eventually you attain mastery and simply apply what you know a series of increasingly difficult challenges. It’s a beautiful little game that represents the very tip top of mobile development. Duet is not only my favourite mobile games of the year, it’s one of my favourite games period.

Runners up: Stickets, Puzzle Retreat


  • duet is siickkkkkkkkkkkkk, still can’t beat the very last level though..

    my personal favorite was Draw Race 2

  • Oh shit, I forgot about Duet. Don’t think I even noticed it when skimming through the nominations.

    Really loved what I played of it at PAX. Although I much preferred the PC version with the controller over the iPad one. I hate touch screens.

  • PVZ2 is a lot better than I was expecting. Everyone was hapring on about microtransactions getting in the way, but honestly, like any decent F2P game you can do just fine without shelling out a penny

  • PvZ2 is great if you like spending tons of cash or playing the same level 5 times in a row before you can move on!

  • Duet is made by a guy called Tim, who plays in Gotye’s band. Super nice dude, and a great and creative musician to boot. Good one Mark

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