Kotaku Awards 2013: Most Anticipated Game Of 2014

Kotaku Awards 2013: Most Anticipated Game Of 2014

Sure, a most anticipated game of 2014 may sound a little silly, but in practice it’s been a lot of fun! Here’s what you guys and girls are most looking forward to next year…

Reader’s Choice

Watch Dogs
Good choice. When I think that we were so close to play this game right now as a launch title for both Xbox One and PS4, I get a little sad. But I’m really hoping this delay allows the game to reach its full potential.

2nd Place: The Witcher 3
3rd Place: Titanfall

Editor’s Choice

Usually I might use this space to talk about an obscure Indie game that needs more attention but above all I have to be honest with myself. The game I’m most looking forward to next year is a game about shooting other human beings and jumping in giant robots and firing rockets at one another.

It’s a video game about running along walls and doing double jumps. About ejecting from giant robots, landing on other giant robots and ripping another person out of that giant robot.

But I’m not hyped about Titanfall because of what the game allows you to do. I’m hyped because I’ve played it and I know how incredible it feels to do all of these things. So many video games are stacked with bullet points — things that sound good in theory yet the execution is lacking. I have already seen it first hand — that won’t be the case with Titanfall.

I’m looking forward to Titanfall because it feels like a genuine evolution. It is crackling with original ideas and looks set to reinvent a genre that I love, a genre that has become incredibly stagnant. I want a multiplayer shooter to feel relevant and innovative again. Titanfall may answer that call.


  • More Anna’s Quest, more of the time! 😀

    Really looking forward to Dragon Age: Inquisition and Murdered: Soul Suspect too. (Not to mention all the Kickstarter adventure games on the horizon like Broken Age and Dreamfall Chapters.)

  • Ah, Watch Dogs and Titanfall; two games I don’t really understand what the big fuss is about.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition and Destiny are my two most anticipated games for next year.

      • Watch Dogs is either going to be awesome if they pull it off (included in pulling it off is an interface which actually lets you manage the huge amount of freedom and options they claim to be giving the player) or a crushing disappointing failure. If they do it it will be the first game to take the next step beyond the kind of freedom and options you get in a game like Deus Ex or Dishonored. Certainly highly anticipated for me (although I think voted Persona 5 ahead of it for this, but that depends on how I felt that minute).

        Titanfall I don’t know- I already got burned on Starhawk which had similar vibes and which honestly had great gameplay in a vacuum but was let down by appallingly structured multiplayer and a paper thin single player campaign.

        • yeah it sucks that we have to approach most games these days with caution no matter how awesome they appear on the surface. Really hoping they pull it off

      • I’m hesitant to believe it will be anything more than Assassin’s Creed present day… but would welcome being wrong.

  • Yes, Titanfall is looking good. But I am worried. Every convention seems to have a new demo. This is a dangerous thing as those demos are not compatible with the base game. I worry that all the resources pushed towards the demos will hurt the game. I also worry about the fate of the PC port. This is an Origin game, made by the cod guys, so the PC port has a good chance of being balls. But, however, Respawn is a very talented team, as evidenced by the fact that MW3 was a turd of a game without Infinity Ward’s best designers. (I mean, look at the quality of map design between MW2 and MW3, I mean jeez, there is a very noticeable drop in quality)

      • I agree. Alex Roycewiz is one of the best map designers in the business. I also have so many memories of playing LAN Killhouse with friends. Now I have the urge to play MW2 again. I hope there are still people playing the game.

  • The Division was the correct answer…

    (The question being what game are you most anticipating after Dark Souls 2?)

    • Came here to say this. The Division looks amazing. I’m also looking forward to Watch Dogs, but it being pushed back is worrying.
      Titanfall is just COD with double jump and titans (vehicles). I’ll probably still play it and I might be pleasantly surprised, but I have low expectations. Destiny looks interesting but screw exclusives and really it looks like a pretty borderlands without the wit.

  • I’m not sure why, but I’ve lost just about all the hype I had for WatchDogs. When it was first announced I was very interested (especially since it remained a hidden IP for so long), but since the delay was announced I’ve pretty much forgotten about it.

  • I would have to say Destiny or The Division. I don’t care about Titanfall, and I will see how I feel about Watchdogs when I play it.

  • Murdered: Soul Suspect – I really liked the reveal trailer and the subsequent gameplay they’ve shown.

    Last Guardian- Shadow of the colossus is my favourite game and there is still an ember of hope that The Last Guardian will come out.

  • Was hoping Destiny would get a mention somewhere but apart from that, I can’t argue with this. 2014 is gonna be good.

  • Unfortunately any goodwill I have for Watch_Dogs will be eroded by Watch_Dogs 2 in 2015,Watch_Dogs 3 in 2016 Etc. and you can bet Titanfail will have day one DLC/season pass and expensive map packs up the wazoo.

  • I was looking forward to titanfall and I wish all the best for Respawn but I can’t bring myself to preorder a EA game after their last and continuing failures.

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