Kotaku Awards 2013: Nominate Your Favourite Broadband Provider?

This one is as simple as they come: nominate your favourite broadband provider. Next week we'll put all your nominations to a vote, and the week after that we'll announce the winner!

To be perfectly honest I don't have a personal preference on this one, but I'm keen to hear what your nominations are because I'm looking to switch providers very, very soon!

Let us know your nominations in the comments below.


    I've been with internode for years now, they're not the cheapest by any means but the support and content they provide is awesome. I'll chuck a nom in for them.

    definitely not going to nominate Optus cause I'm am not happy with how slow and how often my internet cuts out

    I'm going with Telstra. Sure they aren't the cheapest, but I've never had a problem with them since switching from iiNet.

    TPG. Sure their customer service sucks but unlimited data for the price is amazing.

    Ansonic/Datafast/Eftel haven't given me grief for the last decade or so.

    Telstra, i have super fast cable, any problems I've had they have sorted out straight away

    Internode. Best service by far and I've only had one dropout in 3 years. Only thing that could make them better is giving better value for those on Easy Reach plans.

      The support is amazing - I've had to call up a few times in the middle of the night, straight to a person to help you out.

      The Easy Reach plans are all I can get, and compared to their normal plans you get so much less, very disappointing, but that's the case with pretty much all providers. I'm paying $110 for 300GB (upload included) at 24MBPS (sync at about 14), If I lived a bit closer I could get like a terabyte of download only for the same price.

        Yeah, it sucks how those in regional areas get shafted so hard. I'm gonna have to upgrade to the $110/month plan very soon because I'm constantly going over my allowance from watching Foxtel on the 360. Super pricey but then again no dropouts and an awesome, stable service

    Exetel doing the job so far, although a bit more bandwidth for the price i pay would be nice.

    Previously with TPG, who gave me unlimited net at a high speed although location was key there.

    I cant really nominate anyone, I was with TP-Link for the price for a while and they were OK, then I switched to Telstra to try and get better speeds and less drop-outs and its only gotten worse. Ill be very keen to see who wins this poll though, cause I will probably switch to them. So over telstra trying to play dumb and tell me its my hardware at fault when I know damn well its their copper lines (why else would the internet drop ALWAYS when it rains?).

    Big thumbs down for exetel. A basic customer complaint relating to service resulted in me being physically threatened by one of their senior staff - I told him he already had my address and to come get some, and then he called me childish :(

    I felt I had no other option but to go to the TCIO and when they advised exetel the next day I had my service cancelled - LOL!

    Internode, providing you can access a port on their own hardware.

    I'm pretty happy with DODO. I've been with them for years, since I am a loyal customer they put down the price p/m (only $4 but every dollar counts!). I have had two mess up with them and both time it was the exchange, but they fixed it right up without charging me. Good support service too.

    TPG have always done right by me. Good connection & customer service

    I have a mate thats been with Dodo forever, not one problem.

    For me though, I had them cut our net & phoneline by accident & were never able to reconnect. Ended up switching to a TPG/ Telstra combo to get it sorted.

    Not Bigpond with their 'mobile' 3G internet plans (Quoted because we were given a home router as part of the plan, so it should be fixed wireless with bigger plans for the same price. My family survives on 12GB for $80!) From what I've used internet wise, TPG gets it, their unlimited is decent speed and also unlmited usage (duh!)

    wantree... with their 28,8 speeds soon upgrading to 33.6, ill never have to use anyone else!

    I'm on a really bad rim so vivid has been a god send for me,

    Was originally Netpspace but now part of the iinet family. The support is great, especially the call back and get someone instead of wait on the phone.
    The exchange I'm connect to is pretty full and I can't get naked DSL :(
    Bring on the NBN. I'm in the only area out of everyone I know that is still getting it.


    3 years, no dropouts, consistently good.

    I even switched my ancient folks over to them, and they've obviously got decent customer service because if they can handle two numpties like my parents they're doing something right.

    Recently increasing my monthly quota to 300gb was quite nice of them.


    Annex-M DSL ftw!

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