Kotaku Awards 2013: Vote For Your Biggest Disappointment Of 2013

Kotaku Awards 2013: Vote For Your Biggest Disappointment Of 2013

Surprise and disappointment seem to go hand in hand. The most surprising thing about the nominations for this award was the crossover: so many people were disappointed by games other people were surprised by! I guess that’s just the cycle of hype and backlash at work. Still, some nominations in here that I heartily agree with. Others I’m scratching my head at!

But it’s time to vote! Feel free to let us know your reasoning in the comments below!

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  • With an anti-gaming wife and a 3 year old son, I’m just grateful for the time I can actually play a game!

    My only real disappointment was the fact I had to wait 3.5 weeks for GTA V to arrive from OGS.

    • Is that because they ran out of stock? The longest I’ve had to wait for a delivery is about 2 and a bit weeks.

      • No, I pre-ordered back in Nov 2012 and they shipped on release day. Either Royal Mail or Aussie Post held it up.

    • Same, I was so excited about it but it really fizzled. Am attempting a replay now and the patches have helped a bit but it just didn’t dazzle me

  • so much disappointment to choose from.
    this must be what a diabetic kid in a candy store feels like.

  • You put the Watch Dogs delay on there, does anyone actually remember the 6 month delay for GTA V or was no-one disappointed at having to wait a bit longer for the most anticipated game ever?

    I didn’t see microtransactions or I would’ve voted for that. As it is, Rome 2

  • Sim City for me. When I heard there was a new one coming out, I was SO happy. Then once I heard about always-online, pretty much spelt the death of the game for me. (Yes, I’m one of those people who didn’t play D3 either)

  • Tomb Raider isn’t on the list 🙁
    Was a girl screaming the whole time. My wife wasn’t in the room when I was playing so could only hear the audio. After an hour or so, she came into the room and asked “What type of Horror porn are you watching!?”

  • Everyone who voted for xboxone, do you own the console? I find it strange people are voting for it. It can simply not be the worst thing this year, just like the ps4 cant be. It’s about 2 weeks old

    I personally thought metal gear rising sucked hard, but there could have been worse things this year

    • The vote is for most disappointing, which isn’t necessarily the same thing as worst. If somebody expected something to suck and it sucked, then they’re not really disappointed. It’s more having an expectation of something that it doesn’t live up to.

    • People were really disappointed at the reveal. They took a lot of that back, but it doesn’t change the disappointment of what people were feeling.

    • I am a long term Sony fan, yet I was genuinely excited to see what MS was going to do. But then the reveal came with all it’s anti-consumer policies and what-not.

      Sure most of the really awful stuff has since been 180’d to hell, but that was a disappointment at the time (not to mention the fact it could all come back at some stage).

      • I get that coz I was pissed about them as well. But seeing it didn’t happen how can the console be disappointing in that regard?

  • There’s nothing on the list that really disappointed me, but then I was never that interested in any of the things on there.

    Even microtransactions; I don’t care for them myself, but obviously people are using them or they wouldn’t still be around. Sometimes it even benefits me, like all the free DLC for Mass Effect 3, essentially funded by people paying real money for things (and maybe the same happening with GTA: Online).

  • so the people still playing last gen are the only ones voting for the current gen systems which have only been out 2 weeks… seriously why are they on the list ?

  • Crap, there’s nothing there that I’ve played except GTA Online. Should it get a vote by default, or…? Nah, I might sit this one out.

  • Microtransactions aren’t really a disappointment. Well, they’re the sort of thing that makes me want to turn to publishers and say “I’m not mad, I’m just very disappointed in you.” A disappointment is something that we expected to be great and wasn’t.

    Sim City has to be it for me. I was incredibly hyped for the game right up until they started spruiking it. Then I decided that maybe it would be best to see how the launch goes and pick it up after the dust settles. I feel like I’ve dodged quite the bullet on this one.

  • I voted Microtransactions… but I wish MW:O was on that list – that’s been the disappointment of a decade for me

  • I wanted to vote for GTA V as a whole… Bit Disappointing that’s not an option.

    My biggest disappointment of the year is therefore this poll.

  • Hard call between Colonial Marines and Sim City. Was really excited about both. The final trailer for Colonial Marines gave me shivers. And then they were released, and bleugh. 🙁

    • Dude, after all the positive reviews, I expected it to change my life etc., but the game itself was kind of “meh”. My favourite JRPG of 2013 ended up being Tales of Xillia instead.

  • Payday 2 for me.
    I didn’t enjoy the first one but was excited initially when I heard about the 2nd.
    My mates all enjoyed it but it just didn’t ‘click’ with me, I’m still not entirely sure why.

  • GoW: Ascension
    Despite loving the original trilogy, I just could *not* get in to this year’s offering.

  • Aliens colonial marines!
    Drop on drop out multiplayer cooperative!
    OMG it’s going to be borderlands 2 with bugs!


  • I gotta say Last Of Us. After all the hype I actually bought a PS3 for it. All I got was a repetitive and simple stealth game with a nonsensical ending! Very disappointed. The graphics weren’t even top drawer. I’m not saying it was bad, just disappointing.

    • I think by “nonsensical ending” you meant “the most mature, restrained and brilliant ending to a video game, ever”. It was a masterpiece of video game storytelling.

      I know you’re entitled to your opinion, but I cannot abide someone having one as wrong as yours.

      • What was mature and brilliant about it??
        Joel was self involved at the start and chooses himself at the end, sacrificing humanity for the life a little girl! Not to mention the entire game was getting to that point (I know it was primarily about the relationship) as well all the people that sacrificed themselves to get Ellie there. I could not relate AT ALL to that response, there were simply no repercussions to his decision.
        To say my opinion is wrong when I can actually justify it and have you offer no justification for your own really shows the shallowness and simplicity that goes on in your sheepish mind.

  • Ooooh that’s a tough one. I want to say Bioshock Infinite, but it was still a good game.

    Almost said Crysis 3 but after the direction they went with 2, it wasn’t a complete surprise. Still sucks how they turned a brilliant series into complete forgetaware.

    Had to go with Dead Space 3. Damn that was awful. Made it like mowing the lawn. So repetitive, I don’t think I jumped once. More baddies would come out and I’d think “Again? Oh ffs” which is not what you should be thinking in a game.

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