Kotaku Awards 2013: Vote For Your Biggest Surprise Of The Year

I've been surprised by more games in 2013 that I have in the last three years combined. Whether it was cool indie games like Papers Please or surprisingly good handheld games like Luigi's Mansion 2, the one common feeling I've had while playing games this year has been, 'wow, that was way better than I thought it would be.

Seems you guys felt the same way. You nominated a lot of games for this award. Really interested to see what comes out on top! Get voting!


    For me was definitely Tomb Raider, after the last couple of terrible games in the series my hopes weren't too high for this. But I was really surprised by a great game that I couldn't stop playing.

      I got Tomb Raider delivered the other day for just over $20. Can't wait to get involved.

    This is hard. I want to vote Pikmin, because I had absolutely no idea Challenge Mode would be that engrossing and have me sink so many hours into it. But I guess Wonderful 101 probably surprised me more, I thought it'd be good but I had no idea it'd be as excellent as it is.

    Out of the games in that list that I actually played Ryse was definitely the biggest surprise for me. Everything I saw on it prior to release was so negative, but once I got my hands on it I found it was a pretty enjoyable game.

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    DMC or Call of Jaurez: Gunslinger are certainly worthy but Tomb Raider was the first ever Tomb Raider I've played from start to finish. Gripping stuff and a very pleasant surprise.

    The Last of Us was not a surprise really. I think everybody knew it'd be great, the only surprise might have been just how great it was.

    I really really liked DmC.

    Almost as much as the original Devil May Cry.

    Arkham Origins for me. I had really low expectations for that one but thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I fully expected to hate ACIV given Revelations and III but damned if I'm not enjoying it greatly.

      This. I expected it to be another turd, but it's one of, possibly the best game in the series.

    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
    Simply amazing.

    I knew Bioshock & The Last of Us would be awesome, so that wasn't surprising...

    But ACIV blindsided me. Haven't found anything to dislike about it thus far.

    Tomb Raider- i was a little skeptical of "Uncharted with Lara" but it was fan-friggin-tastic.

    For me it would be Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. I never expected a AAA company to reuse some assets from a previous game to make a whole new game that is cheap and very good satire... that and the reloading animations are just beautiful!

    I'm too much of a reviews junkie to be surprised by anything these days, but I gave my vote to Tomb Raider because I love me a good reboot and I think the new take really revitalised an ageing IP.

    I wonder if it's just coincidence that the votes get less as you go down the list...kinda as if some people didn't read the whole list

    The Last of Us without a doubt. I almost didnt play it because Im not a fan of Zombie games. After playing it I realized its not a Zombie game, its much much more than that. (Infected/Zombies are kinda the same thing imo). It was a very special game in the end that I didn`t expect.

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    Voted blood dragon because it came in from left field and was amazing. Hopefully we get more like it.
    Considerations for brothers and papers please but haven't played them yet so can't say

    While I would love to vote for Brothers, as it's a truly wonderful game that I think deserves more recognition, I gave my vote to Tomb Raider.

    A modern, gritty reboot of a beloved classic? There's no way that game should have been nearly as good as it actually was.

    Why is TLoU on this list? Who was surprised that it was amazing? Between the amazing trailers and Naughty Dog's history of amazing games, the only surprise should have been that it managed to meet (and IMO, exceed) the hype!

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