Kotaku Awards 2013: Vote For Your Favourite Broadband Provider

Kotaku Awards 2013: Vote For Your Favourite Broadband Provider

Funnily enough we didn’t get that many nominations for this award! We had a couple, and then some complaints! People don’t seem to be all too happy with some of their broadband providers.

I agree. My broadband provider sucks. It really, really sucks. And, amazingly, it was nominated below!

No I won’t tell you who it is! I don’t want to skew the results!

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    • Very wide. Since both are the same company.

      On 22 Dec 2011, Western Australian based internet service provider iiNet announced the acquisition of Internode in a deal worth $105 million (AUD).[5] The two companies continue to manage two separate brands and operate separately.

      Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internode_%28ISP%29#Acquisition_by_iiNet

      The whole “The two companies continue to manage two separate brands and operate separately.” is a load of shite. When I worked for iiNet we would manage all their accounts and faults. We were told to keep the Internode name going because they have a very good reputation in their area and it would upset customers if they knew Internode was actually iiNet now.

      I know I nominated Telstra, and I think a couple of other people did too.

  • (iiNet owns Internode, for those who aren’t aware.)

    @ Mark Serrels Pretty sure you’re with Internode..

  • If I’d been around to see the noms, I would have put forward tpg. I know they cop a lot of shit from people, but they’ve been nothing but good to me. Perhaps I’m just lucky when it comes to dealing with them, but I sent an email through their website asking for a bit of help with a dns issue, and within an hour, on a sunday, I’d received a reply, saying they’d looked at my connection and tweaked it a little, and had resolved most of my issues. had a few follow ups over the next few weeks, but they actually called me every week just to check if things were better!

    • They took over $5000 out of my account for no reason and we had to take them to court to get it back. They point blank admitted they shouldn’t have taken it but continued to refuse to give it back. They’re thieving scum.

      • weird! As I said I know lots of people say they have problems with them, but I’ve always had nothing but great service from them. Guess I’ve just been really lucky. Probably helps that 9 times out of ten I tend to fix my own issues with internet problems too. The few times I have contacted them for help though, they’ve been great, which always surprises me considering what I hear from others!
        It could also be that when I do contact them, I tend to know what the underlying issue is, and am able to provide them with evidence as to why. Most people wouldn’t have the same level of tech knowledge, so I guess that makes things a little harder when dealing with call centres.

        • Another vote for tpg maybe not the fastest (Max spend I’ve ever gotten 2 Mbps) but been very reliable and for $50 for 250gb no on/off peak I won’t complain.
          Been thinking of switching to internode/iinet but really not sure if I’d get a fair connection or not

          • wow… $50 for 250.. I pay $50 for 250 on 250 off! you should chat to them about getting a better deal!
            Are you far away from your exchange? 2Mbps is pretty slow. I was right on the border of the adsl2+ coverage by my exchange at my last place, and I got 7 from there!

    • I would vote for Telstra first, then probably TPG. I honestly would rather vote for dodo over iinet if i had to. iinet is useless.

  • well, with Telstra, in coastal NSW (non metropolitan) I get an adsl 2+ line speed of 8-9mbs and download usually speeds at 1-2mbs. Though, I have been told that the line speed CAN get upwards to 17-19mbs.

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