Kotaku Awards 2013: Vote For Your Favourite Indie/Downloadable Game Of The Year

We've taken your nominations. Time to put your money where your mouth is (not literally, that would be weird) and vote! What was your favourite Indie/Downloadable title of 2013?

This is a competitive one. A lot of really cool games on this list.


    Kerbal Space Program FTW

      Not saying it doesn't deserve to be here [it rocks!]. But how do we class games like KSP? It wasn't released this year. There have been a constant stream of releases for the last several years. But then, *technically* they have all been beta releases, so it's not really fully released anyway.

      Are we just going off the addition to Steam as a "release"?

    Torn between Gunpoint and Monaco. Gunpoint was hilarious and fun. Monaco was hilarious and fun, but more so when I could get three other friends online to play.

    I got really invested in Papers Please. For something so simple, it's quite a powerful game.

    The Stanley Parable also deserves a mention.

    Time to put your money where your mouth is (not literally, that would be weird)

    Not to mention disgusting.

    I vote for The Cave.

    Come on. Seriously? Rogue Legacy or Stanley Parable?

    I spent well over 20 hours on Rogue Legacy and beat it, and that was ridiculously fun.

    However Stanley Parable was super interesting and funny as hell

    I voted for Gone Home. Really enjoyed piecing together the story here and triggered all kinds of '90s flashbacks for me.

    I want to say Wolf Among Us, but it's really hard to judge by just one episode.

    Really surprised that Brothers: Tale of Two Sons isn't on the list. Sure it had a silly name but was one of the best games I've played, ever.
    Because of no Brothers, vote goes to Thomas Was Alone.

    Haven't played any of those, although I hear great things about Papers Please.

    Quite liked Contrast, not perfect but had a nice balance of mechanics, story and art style for me.

    Umm Call of Juarez: Gunslinger not on the list? Such a good game. NO VOTE FROM ME. CoJ was way better than Monaco, Runner 2, I abstain!

    State of Decay ofr me. Was the zombie game I've always wanted.

    The Swapper is criminally underrated. Great visuals and atmosphere, unique mechanics with challenging puzzles, and an interesting storyline. I know it probably won't win this category, but people, check it out!

    I cant see the results today

    Stanley parable is an easily my favorite this year, I spent way to many hours annoying the hell out of the narrator.

    So many games....I voted for Kerbal - yeah it gets boring at times but making hilarious rockets and see if it launch and get you into space is always fun

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