Kotaku Awards 2013: Vote For Your Favourite Online Experience Of 2013

We've heard your nominations, now it's time to vote for your favourite online gaming experience of 2013.

I tried to make this as broad as possible. An online experience can be a multiplayer experience, but it can also be something social, or a cool addition that let's you share in-game selfies.

These are the nominations we received. Vote below and feel free to talk about your reasoning in the comments below.


    This is going to be a small turnout due to the fact that most of the above are REALLY SLOW over here

    GTA online is both my best and worst online experience this year.

      What were your bad experiences with it? Time vampire? Buggy release? Connection drop outs?

      Last edited 07/12/13 1:55 pm

    Pretty much the only online gaming I've done for the last 2 years was bf3 and some codbops2

    But on that list the pokemon one had to be the best as none of my friends play much Games lol

    Drivatar. The only revolutionary thing on that list.

    I bring it up all the time, but Just Cause 2 Multiplayer needs to be on this list. I'm pretty sure that one of the main devs is Austrailian also, so there's that. Voted 62nd out of 20620 mods on the Mods DB

    GTA Online? Really? After how half-assed everything was and all the constant nerfs to mission payouts to shoehorn you into P2W microtransactions?

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