Kotaku Gift Guide 2013: Gaming Special Editions

I'm not a fan of special editions. I don't really collect gaming figurines or anything else that you're likely to pick up alongside the big AAA game you just bought. I could go for a nice art book to go underneath the coffee table I don't actually own, but that's about it. That said, I can appreciate a good special edition. I can understand why people might get excited about that kind of thing.

And as a gift, for someone who is a fan of a certain game series, it's a great way to go. More personal that 'HERE'S A VIDEO GAME YOU LIKE' and more substantial too.

As always, this is just a quick list of things that grabbed my attention, personally. Very keen to hear about some of your favourites. Kindly drop them in the comments below.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag — Buccaneer Edition

Price: $138 What you get: The game, Figurine of Edward Kenway, artbook, soundtrack, two lithographs. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is just a great, great video game. This special edition is like most special editions (figurine, soundtrack, stuff) but it's a great little piratey package all up.

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD Ganondorf Limited Edition

Price: $112.99 (at OzGameShop) What you get: The game, awesome snow globe thingy of Ganon. This thing is super rare, mainly because it was never officially released in AUstralia. OzGameShop sold it for a while but now it's totally sold out. I've been told that Zavvi might ship to Australia, but I could only find the actual console special edition. So yeah. Apparently Shin Tokyo might have some left.

Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary Edition

Price: $115 What you get: Mostly the game and in-game stuff. 1 million in-game credits, 20 cars with 15th anniversary designs. Not really that cool in terms of stuff — but Gran Turismo fans will like it, particularly the whole credits thing. It also comes in a fairly snazzy steelbook thing. The same thing most mid-tier special editions come in.

Any other suggestions from you guys and girls? Do you even care for special editions to begin with? Let us know in the comments below.


    For the Wind Waker statue, those editions were bought in bulk by people who were planning on selling just that figurine for a profit.

    But what sucks is that apparently the quality of the statue is a little low and not really worth it.

    i've been seeing the Assassins Creed one for $88 at EB games at the moment - i would KILL to get it just for that stue - it's amazing.... alas my wallet hates me because wedding and honeymoon.
    On the plus side - wedding and honeymoon!

      Yay! Grats loops! Whens the big day?

        Thanks buddy :)
        It's already been! haha
        Today is my first day back at work after a long deserved honeymoon in Noosa. So much lazy.

          Ive been out of the 'loop lately lol. Been having uni exams then helping a mate look after his family as a favor, now im finally back. Awesome to hear though and yeah Noosa is awesome :D

      What do you think shipping would be like? Could always go split with someone who only wants the game.

    There's also the pretty cool CE of the newest splinter cell game for $47

      Yeah, I got that a couple of weeks ago. Knowing full well that Blacklist (accidently typed Black Ops, think up better titles) is a further departure from the Splinter Cell series and is full of bugs, but I wanted that statue.

    EB is having their mad monday sale (on monday if it wasn't obvious). If it's going to be like all their previous mad monday sales then the AC Buccaneer Edition will be cheap. Already $88 for current gen so could be even lower.

      Oh my... may trade my console version for the pc version. It's you know, kind of outstanding on PC...

    No mention of the Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition? It's worth getting just for the 300 Page Wizard Companion. (Otherwise I would have just gotten the game)

      I still have an unopened wizards edition because I was mistakenly sent two.

      Don't really know what to do with it.

        I CAN BUY IT OFF YOU?!?

        Or you could put it up on eBay for at least double RRP. I can't offer you that much.

          I forget what rrp even was. Still feel guilty for getting 2 while so many people missed out.

      Stupidly rare and expensive by now. I've given up on being able to pay a semi reasonable price to get one.

        Any idea how many copies of the wizard edition were ever made?

        Last edited 06/12/13 3:53 pm

          Not enough? They didn't even manage to fulfill all the preorders.

            JB-Hi-Fi was the last place you could order it for $150 in Australia in November last year.

      No mention of almost all the collectors editions of 2013.
      This is a much better guide.

    Wind Waker is on the shelf at Critical Hit Melbourne, also with a nice markup at $150.

    The Wind Waker HD Ganondorf thing is available at MightyApe for $100. http://www.mightyape.com.au/product/Nintendo-Wii-U/The-Legend-of-Zelda-Wind-Waker-HD-Limited-Edition/21708047/

    Last edited 06/12/13 3:58 pm

    I wanted the Bravely Default deluxe edition, did not have enough money to pre order it from EB games and now the only place i can find it is on ebay for around $250, i am not really interested in the statue that comes with it, just the art book and the game will do.

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