Kotaku Gift Guide 2013: Here T-Shirt T-Shirt!

I swore that I would stop wearing video game t-shirts, but then I bought this totally sweet Super Metroid t-shirt that had Samus shaped in actual words writing the names of all her weapons. It was the best. So with that I'm back to possibly buying gimmicky video game t-shirts instead of looking all suave and sophisticated. Here are some I dug up for our annual Kotaku Gift Guide...


Where: Red Bubble How much: $25.82US I just think this is a cool thing to have on a t-shirt.

Damn it feels good...

Where: Snorg Tees How much: $19.95US Not games but yeah. I think I need this t-shirt. At the very least I need to see it in the flesh.

Green Hill Zone

Where: Insert Coin Clothing How much: £22.00 I like this — subtle. I'd wear this legit. I also like the colours a lot.


Where: Red Bubble How much: $24.70US Usually I avoid t-shirts with funny jokes like the plague, but Metroid is my weak spot. I want things that are Metroid.

Minecraft Hoodie

Where: J!nx How much: £62.99 - £64.99 I don't even play Minecraft, but how cool is this?

Let's just turn this post into a t-shirt fest. If you can find any cool ones drop them in the comments below!


    Firstly, why would you decide to stop wearing videogame shirts Mark?
    Secondly, you should totally check out this AWESOME Dark Souls inspired shirt, made by some dude - http://www.redbubble.com/people/danmazkin/works/9830269-sunbros-praise-the-sun

    Last edited 03/12/13 1:51 pm

      or these other awesome shirts, also made by said dude:

      Agreed, embrace your inner geek Mark, don't shun it.

    Out of the shirts I've gotten off teefury/riptapparel over the past year (I wear these more than band shirts these days so I have 200+ shirts sitting in my cupboard not getting worn :( ) the few that're gamey are as follows:

    I also have a fair few tv/film shirts but cba listing those as well :P

    oh MAN!

    That Green Hill Zone tshirt! I MUST HAVE IT!!!
    /forwards to wife....

      If it wasn't $40 then postage I'd get it haha

    Where would u even wear these

      People might look at you weird if you wore the Minecraft hoodie like that, but all the rest are just t-shirts, unless wherever you're going requires you to wear a button up shirt, I don't see the problem in wearing them anywhere. I wear gaming t-shirts all the time.

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