Least Necessary Arrow In Video Game History

Least Necessary Arrow In Video Game History

Look, some of us out there aren’t super-awesome at Super Mario Bros., but this blinking arrow in Nintendo’s new NES Remix game for Wii U is a bit much.

The game chops and/or mods classic 8-bit games to give players short challenges. This one is, basically, to run through the first level of Super Mario Bros.

Which way should you run????

Please, Nintendo, do not go any further down this path.


  • I’m going to go out on a limb and claim that Nintendo are taking the piss out of modern gaming and the constant need for even the most simplest concepts in games to be labeled and beaten into the player.
    Alrighty so I am probably wrong, but with Nintendos track record of games you never know.

  • Pretty much all modern military shooters and those trying to copy them (including Halo 4) pretty much don’t need an arrow since there’s only a corridoor to travel down. It’s impossible to get lost.

    I remember in Black Ops 2 though there were a few open areas. I’m sure that Infinity Ward got their play testers to check it out, who all started crying at the idea of choice.

    • I’d bet the play testers enjoyed walking around exploring where to go but Infinity Ward would be standing over their shoulders thinking they were taking way too long on this cinematic adventure.

      • Probably explains why the stories are usually a mess that fly by. Players were getting really interested in the characters and story but the dialogue was too long, so they shortened it so that they could rush to the explosions.

  • im gonna go out on a limb and say that if there was a person that existed on this planet (an i know there are millions) that haven’t played mario, and someone sat you down, loaded the game and gave you the controller and you sat there looking at the screen, thinking WTF! then YES! that arrow WOULD be quite useful.

    to others like us seasoned gamers, of course it seems ridiculous, but it doesnt make it irrelevent.

    • Check out Egoraptors Megaman Sequelitis video where he pretends he’s a dumb player who’s never played a game and what their reaction would most likely be.

    • You mean like everyone who has ever played Mario has been at one point in their life?

      It’s pretty easy to learn by trial and error. You have a 50% shot of getting it right first time. Even still, try going left…. nope…. ok, guess I go right then. WINRAR!

  • Well, before getting smug about how our generation was so great we didn’t need this stuff, we should take a second to remember those arrows were in pretty much every beat ’em up.
    Also it’s effectively just part of a manual substitute. It’s not like games coming with manuals is pandering to retards who can’t figure out which button makes Mario jump.

    • Beat ’em ups were different though, the arrow appeared when you’d cleared the area and could progress, before the arrow appeared you’d be walking into an invisible wall if you tried to move on.

      • here the arrows indicate that you have gotten over all the obstacles and oh wait there arent any. nevermind….

      • If I were to suggest you needed that arrow to know to advance in Double Dragon you’d be understandably offended. Enemies stop coming and more importantly you can’t progress unless the area is clear. It’s not like it takes a genius to figure out you can’t move forward until you can move forward.

        Again though it’s just the manual. It also tells you how to run and jump because why not? Any good game should come with a manual, even if most gamers have either played the game already or know enough to experiment.

  • I take it that the author forgot that the pointing hand or arrow was quite prevalent in side-scrollers back in the day. Besides, unless you have played games from the 80s, you may not actually realise some had no left scroll.

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