Left 4 Dead 2 Is Free, So You Might Want To Get On That

Left 4 Dead 2 Is Free, So You Might Want To Get On That

Valve wants to say "Merry Christmas". So everyone gets a copy of Left 4 Dead 2. You get a copy, you get a copy, you get a copy, you get a copy.

If you jump on Steam before 10am PT on December 26 (US TIME), you can download the multiplayer shooter for free. The only catch is that you need to install it, not just "purchase" it, and once that deadline has passed, you'll still own the copy.

Left 4 Dead 2 [Steam]


    PC, Mac and Linux. No excuses.

      Unless you object to the low violence version

        its a real shame they haven't fixed that. Steam said in a statement they'd look into it once the R18 was implemented. Somebody with enough clout should bring it up again. Kotaku could probably do it tbh.

        http://www.left4gore.com/ if you go to this site you can get a patch to fix that problem :D

        I was actually tempted to make a new Steam account this morning so I could pick up the unedited version.

        It really is quite telling that I have way more hours in the original game than I do in the sequel.

        Yeah, usually I wouldn't be too fussed - apart from being annoyed at a government body telling me what I can and can't have in a game - but the lack of gore actually makes the game harder. You don't have enough visual feedback to tell if your shots/melee swings have actually hit the zombies, which can leave you dead in the twinkling of an eye.

          And zombies that are on fire having no visible fire on them. Enjoy wasting your ammo.

          The gameplay really does suffer without the visual feedback.

            ........goddamn, I was wondering why incendiary ammo didn't seem to do anything! Argh. Thank you so very much, Michael Atkinson >:-(

              Yeah, and molotovs. Which zombies got caught in the fire? I don't fucking know.

    will it be the baby Australian version cause I'm still a little bummed about that.....so much so I dont even know if I want a free copy.

      Sucks that you can't even get a mate overseas to gift you the grown up version since you can't gift free stuff. I wonder if you could change your address to an American one and get the full version, since it won't go through any payment system that might trip the regional detection it might just take your word for it

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    Then all the new players get scared off from the horrible community and never play it again

    Oh FFS! I paid for this like, 2 years ago, and have been patiently waiting for the uncensored version ever since.

    And now it's free??:??

    Way to waste my money.

    Is the DLC free too?

      Valve have never charged for dlc, only cosmetic shit like hats and disco guns.

        Interesting cause they do on consoles I bought all the expansions

          as far as valve games go, get them on steam or don't get them at all.

            I play split screen with my wife, does the steam version allow split screen?

              For the price of the dlc you could probably buy a used pc/toaster/potato with specs above required for l4d2.

                Me and my wife originally hooked up Lanning Diablo 2 but some of the reasons we don't PC anymore are neither of us is PC savvy anymore it always takes us hours to figure out how to get the games to lan there's always some fault, we've had both our steam accounts hacked in the past so many times kinda put us off and havnt logged in over a year now, we don't really have the room for a dedicated Lan area and neither of us want to sit down in front of PC after spending all day in front of one at work.

                we have an awesome home theatre with a 64" screen just begging to be played on, guess we kinda out grew PC gaming even though we are both gamers and spend heaps of our spare time gaming....loving diablo3 on the Xbox hotseat at the moment.

                I guess the convenience and time saved out weighs the money saved with steam.

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