Let's Solve A Murder In Broken Sword 5

Let's Solve A Murder In Broken Sword 5

It always ends up with murder in Broken Sword. It's been a long time since we've had a Broken Sword sequel, but thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign we can now all gently point-and-click our way through a spate of horrible murders in Broken Sword 5: Serpent's Curse.

It's obvious this sequel takes its cues from the original 1996 classic, which is a good thing. The series seemed to have lost its way during the previous decade but Broken Sword 5: Serpent's Curse seems to be trying to go back to its roots. The 2D background art looks just lovely, even if the 3D pre-rendered characters don't always blend in too well.

The first half of Broken Sword 5: Serpent's's Curse is available now on Steam. The second half will be out in January. Don't worry, you only have to pay once.


    Return to form for the series! Finished this yesterday morning and can't wait for the second episode. At the same time the 3D characters aren't the greatest, if Daedalic can still do 2D animated characters in Deponia why can't Revolution do that here? I'm nitpicking, though. I loved this.

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