​Life Is A First-Person Shooter With Google Glass

This new video from YouTuber cheekflapperer/">cheekflapperer presents a scene not unfamiliar to many video-game shooter fans: A trip to a shooting range that might as well be a tutorial from the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield.

The only thing missing is a gruff drill sergeant hollering at you and an onscreen tutorial prompt: "Press X to reload."

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[Source: Digg Video via Laughing Squid]


    I smell moral guardians coming on here.

    I hope they come in sunglasses form....I have light sensitive eyes so I have wear sunglasses during the day........on the plus side I have better than average night vision, so I guess I can join the X Men beginner class??

    What type of gun is the 2nd one ? That thing unloads a crap load of bullets with no recoil. Thats amazing (said in Huell Howser voice)

    friggin America. THIS is why you have such high gun crime. When people can get their hands onto such high powered rifles as that right there.

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