YouTube Users Overreact To Its New Comment System

The fact that not everyone is happy with the way YouTube comments work now isn't news — not everyone wants to use their real names online, and Google Plus doesn't feel like its taken off. Still, it's amusing to actually hear some of the ridiculous reactions to the new comment system.

Granted, this video Shesellssheshells doesn't let us hear the actual folks who made these comments — this is a (hilarious) dramatic reading of comments left on the video introducing the new comments system. It's still great though!

YouTube Reacts to Meet the New YouTube Comments - Part 1 [Shesellssheshells]


    This is absolutely hilarious... Time to watch all of the videos.

    I'm more annoyed that clicking to see the conversation between users on a page opens a new page. I preferred the old drop down "show conversation"

    funny and also the reason i dont scroll down on youtube

    It's not so much the new commenting system but the way they've implemented Google+ into it.. it's failed implementation on so many levels..

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