That ‘Fallout 4 Teaser Website’ Was A Hoax

That ‘Fallout 4 Teaser Website’ Was A Hoax
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Looks like it’s official: the Fallout 4 teaser website “” was a hoax. Sorry, folks. A new Fallout game might be — is likely — in the works, but it’s not connected to that site, despite how deep their ARG-ish rabbit hole went.

Don’t count on any announcements at the Spike VGX this weekend, either — Bethesda said yesterday they don’t plan on being there.

Here’s the last message TheSurvivor2299 left:


    • It could be related to the lawsuit with Interplay. Even though they’d be allowed to make Fallout 5 (with NV as four, even though the games numbering sequence would be different) even if they lost the rights to the IP, they’d have to give Interplay royalties from the profits and you can imagine after all the shit Interplay pulled Bethesda might not be inclined to line their coffers anymore and just focus on their own IPs.

      • Thought they won that lawsuit, AFAIK they now have exclusive rights to make Fallout games, even if it’s an MMO.

        • Huh, guess I must have missed that.

          Anyway, I personally hope they don’t announce it until they’re good and ready to. 3 was good, but New Vegas was a bit of a let down. Still good, but I was expecting essentially an entirely new game and got 3 but in Vegas (I had avoided previews to avoid getting myself hyped, so that was my fault). Plus all the bugs.

          So really Bethesda, don’t rush games because how many times in gaming history has that worked out well in the end?

          • I don’t see why it’s bad that it was the same game in a different location (even though IMO it wasn’t), I mean what’s the point of making a fallout game if it’s not gonna be a fallout game?

            I think the problem is you if you go into a game series expecting the titles within to have nothing to do with other titles in the series, and personally I found NV to be almost across the board better then 3 (except maybe in the graphics and polish department, bethesda go their shine on).

            despite popular belief more of the same is not necessarily a bad thing provided what you’re getting more of isn’t bad, and fallout most definitely isn’t bad.

          • It’s not that it was a bad game, I was just expecting something like the difference between Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim, or even the difference between Assassins Creed II and Brotherhood.

            It’s not about not wanting a Fallout game to be a Fallout game, it was that I kinda wanted a new game to feel new beyond the story (which was better than 3 to give it props). But on the flipside look at Call of Duty, Modern Warfare was good, Modern Warfare II was the same game, etc. etc.

          • personally I think New Vegas and 3 were more different then you give them credit for, while overall they may feel like the same kind of game they are in the details different beasties.

            and there are other issues with the whole MW series that I’m not going to go into, but it can basically be summed up by the words “stagnant but shiny”, New Vegas was similar but not the same.

          • They were different, but my first impression was “they just changed the default HUD colour.” It did enough to warrant it being it’s own game, and did it well enough to warrant being a stand alone instead of an expansion, but if the next Fallout was the same to NV as NV was to 3 I think I might give it a pass until it wound up cheap. As great as 3 and NV are, if I wanted to play a game that was like them, I would rather just play them again and wait until someone released a game that built on them.

          • You kidding? I thought New Vegas was an improvement on 3 in every single way. Don’t get me wrong, I love 3 to bits. But New Vegas’ writing is just superb. The DLC doesn’t stand up to 3’s DLC but all the extra content, the writing and the fact that there’s roughly 3 times the amount of quests makes it clear which one is better.

  • This was so well orchestrated I dont mind the fact I was basically Rick Rolled for a few weeks straight. Sadly though Fallout blue balls continues to affect a growing number of unfortunate victims. It hurts…..

  • Well…. at least I can say ‘Fuck You’ to the people who thought I was stupid for thinking that the website was fake. That should hold me over until the Fallout 4 announcement.

    • As someone who swore it wasn’t a hoax all I have to say to you my good sir is please stop repeatedly yelling “fuck you” at me, I feel sad and retarded enough as it is.

      • Sorry pal. I’m a huge fan of the Fallout series, so it was a bitter sweet victory. I’d be playing Fallout: NV if it wasnt so broken :/

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