LunchTimeWaster: Gift Rush

Thanks to Pizza Hut, we’re heading back in time, to a different Kotaku, when LunchTimeWaster was a thing! Before HaiTaku, before ScribbleTaku even!

Slightly terrifyingly, it is exactly five days until Christmas. I haven't even started my gift shopping yet. I suppose I should be grateful I'm not a spider then, who have countless little offspring to buy for (that is, if spiders bought their kids gifts instead of eating them).

That's the premise behind this festive flash game from fedoit. You are the father of a huge amount of arachnid babies and you need to swing around on your web to personally deliver each creepy bundle of joy their own pressie.

Hold the mouse button to latch onto the outskirts of the level with your web and guide the spider. Hold Shift to grab with the hands. It's that simple!

You can check out Gift Rush here.


    Okay, how the hell did that happen? Last LunchTimeWaster when L.I.F.E. was the pick, the link wasn't included. This time, the link to this game goes to L.I.F.E.


      Well, it is called LunchTimeWaster :-P Apologies, the link has been fixed.

    That was really fun. The sticky walls were a little annoying though, and after two tries at the final level I thought "nope, not even going to bother"

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