LunchTimeWaster: L.I.F.E.

Thanks to Pizza Hut, we’re heading back in time, to a different Kotaku, when LunchTimeWaster was a thing! Before HaiTaku, before ScribbleTaku even!

Today I stumbled across this weird little game called L.I.F.E. (Long Independent Fall Execution) a cute little game on Kongregate that simulates life, only you’re falling headlong towards death from the moment of your birth (actually that’s a lot like life…)

It’s pretty cool. I made it to age 55. I also died alone and miserable. Yeah, not a great innings to be honest. Hope I do a better job of my actual ‘real’ life.

You can check out L.I.F.E. here.


    Yay.. I have been working through lunch ever since this stopped haha

    For anybody looking...

    That description makes me think of the original XBox ad where the baby flies out of the mother in the hospital and shoots through the sky, aging as it goes, eventually crash-landing in the grave at 90...

    88 and those bastard electronic things murdered me. Always thought I'd make it til at least a 100 in life, but ah well. See ya guys.

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