LunchTimeWaster: Super Hot

Thanks to Pizza Hut, we're bringing back the LunchTimeWaster for a short, once a week run on Kotaku Australia. Today I decided to kick things off with a game we've written about before, but still ranks among my favourite browser/flash games ever.

And that game is Super Hot. Just in case you missed it, Super Hot is a game where time is static. It only moves when you move. This results in Super Hot being far more about problem solving than twitch reflexes. It's the best thing ever. Super Hot is really just a demo for what, I'm hoping, becomes a fully fledged game. I love the central mechanic so much. I could play this all day long.

Have fun everyone and enjoy your lunch!


    I must've missed it in the past, but this is really fun, cheers!

    Clicked "Invert Mouse". The entire screen flips upside down. Amazing.

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