Majora's Mask Looks Better When It's Broken

Majora's Mask Looks Better When It's Broken

Majora's Mask is an acquired taste. One I've never fully acquired, sadly (the time limit is TOO STRESSFUL), but I'd be keener on the game if it was this broken in its natural state.

Vinesauce showed us what a busted copy of Ocarina of Time looked like earlier in the year; as you'd expect, a busted Majora's Mask is a little creepier.

[Vinesauce] Vinny - Zelda: Majora's Mask Corruptions [YouTube, thanks o88uxp4+xj3vcit!]


    Too stressful? Now really.

      Yeah most ridiculous thing I've ever heard about MM, especially since the time limit is non-existent as soon as you play reversed song of time (plus it isn't even really a time limit in the first place).

    Stupid article. The authir obviously never even played the game.
    Majoras Mask is not an aquired taste. You either liked it or you didnt.
    Also, time limit too stressful? I finished the game when I was 10 years old. Really managable. People miss interpret the time limit aspect. Its a gameplay element for the side story (mask collecting) missions.
    Im not a fan of the recent additions to the Zelda franchise but it really annoys me when people criticise and write off Majoras Mask because they where too lazy to actually learn the gemeplay mechanics. Because of people like this, we continue to get the same Zelda games over and over.

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      Just out of curiosity whqt do you think of the majoras mask link is dead theory? I played through again and seems solid. Just thought i would ask a guy that has played it random i know.

        I think it makes for great reading (like the Stone Tower/Tower of Bable references) but im honestly not sure Eiji Aonuma and team would have thought that deep into the story.
        Man Id love another game set in Termina!

      Stupid article.
      You're obviously unfamiliar with Plunkett's "work." Seriously though, all of his "articles" are like this.

    Luke, how do you have a job? You are not knowledgeable about shit, and not to mention annoying as hell. If we met, I'd drop you...

    Please enlighten us on gaming!!

    That was highly sarcastic.

    The Time Limit... It was no limit, it was just time itself. For the first time we had a game which truly allowed us to explore both Time and Space. So many parts of the game changed when you least expected it to.

    Really, though, the game gives you a default 72 minutes in each day. But, an almost-impossible-to-miss NPC teaches you how to quadruple that amount. A five hour time limit? Getting the best ending in certain Metroid games requires a shorter run than that.

    To be fair, there are some people who play Zelda by just plowing through the game mindlessly, no pit-stops to see NPCs, no detours, just dungeon after dungeon. The people who play Zelda this way generally like the dungeons more than the rest of the game, when the reverse is true for most other Zelda fans.

    This game holds alot of memories for me.
    i rember 7 years ago or so staying home frim school because i had my wisdom teeth surgecly removed, and played this game ALL week in my laptop, just getting amazed by the time line and simple timed scripting. I couldnt eat any thing but mashed potatoes because of my teeth but i didnt care because i had a immersive game to play through :)

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