Man Allegedly Stole Over $200,000 To Buy Cat Food

Man Allegedly Stole Nearly $US200,000 to Buy Cat Food

Well, the accused gentleman does have 120 cats. And that's a lot of cats.

According to Asahi News, Osaka police arrested Mamoru Demizu for repeated counts of suspected thievery. The 48-year-old unemployed man is alleged to have committed 32 robberies, supposedly making off with around ¥19,200,000 or $208,000. He's alleged to have stolen cash and precious metals from houses.

"I did it to earn money to feed my 120 cats," Demizu confessed.

The man admitted the money was going to feed fish and chicken to his 120 cats. At his home and at a rental warehouse, Demizu has been raising around 20 cats. At a public park, a convenience store parking lot and 10 other locations, he's been feeding around one hundred more, with a daily cat food bill of &en;25,000 or $272.

"Hugging cats is pure bliss," Demizu is quoted as saying.

Demizu has been without a job for two years and supposedly began stealing in September 2012. If these charges are true, that would make this suspect a real cat burglar? Heh.

ネコ120匹の餌代欲しくて窃盗容疑 48歳男を逮捕 [Asahi News]

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    Hugging cats is pure bliss
    Indeed it is, but still too many kittehs for one man to handle.

    hes a prawn.

    For a second I thought he was harbouring 'Prawns' when I read the title.

    Great article Bashcraft, thanks for keeping an eye on those crazy Japanese folks for us.

      That's kind of his job, to report on JAPANESE culture / news if I'm not mistaken.

        That doesn't make this article well written or thought out, or even relevant to Japanese culture like Bashcraft thinks. It's not even "news". This is "something weird happened in Japan".

          A man stole $200,000 how is that not news? The fact that it was to feed his 120 cats does make it weird, but it's still news. Also, it is in the In Real Life section, you know, the articles about things IN REAL LIFE. The article was also well written for a news article.

            If it's news, why is it not in the "News" section instead of "In Real Life"? A category which also features articles about concept art, Lego Movies, footage from games, comics and movie preview videos. It seems like it's just a catch all category to put things that don't really fit anywhere else, just like the Kotaku Core tag was created for articles that actually focus on the things Kotaku was created for.

              I'm not even going to bother. I don't decide what goes into the "In Real Life" and "News" categories. I'm assuming that because it is in Japan / not game related it is not classified as news. I personally still found the article interesting though, and like I said before, it's kind of Ashcrafts job to report on the Japanese stuff.

              I just don't like it when people start whining over Ashcrafts articles, especially since this one wasn't even bad! Everybody knows what Ashcrafts articles are, yet people still go onto them and bash on him. I like them, so I read them. If you don't like them, don't read them. If you don't like them yet still read them, you kind of know what you're in for, so posting stupid "Bashcraft" crap is a little redundant.

    I'm rather at a loss as to how this involves gaming, digital entertainment, geek culture or cinema. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

    It's those fukn prawns again! Always with the ket food. They're addicted!

    Great video game article as always, bashcraft.

      If you don't like Ashcrafts articles, stop reading them, simple. His job is to report on Japanese news / culture, that's where the "otaku" part of "kotaku" comes from. And personally, I found this article interesting / funny, mainly because I love cats though.

      Dude, seriously, normally I'm ok with people ragging on Tina Amini with her awesome cut and paste skills, or Plunkett when his keyboard is broken and he can only cut and paste URL's into his articles for us... but you're in the:

      IN REAL LIFE section.


      Just a hint. And now we move on.

        As I mention elsewhere, In Real Life also means comics, movie promos, fan films and concept art. Sometimes it means things that happen in real life, sometimes it means things that real people have created, just like the games that the site focuses on. It's not a very consistent category.

      I was pretty satisfied with this article, the headline made me curious and made me realise there would be nothing about Video Games here.

      Brian's articles are not usually about games so there is that.

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