Mario And Peach Take Back The Mushroom Kingdom... With Guns

Mario and Peach Take Back The Mushroom Kingdom... With Guns

Guns, baseball bats, violent, bloodthirsty Pokémon, and so on and so forth. But mostly guns. The Mushroom Kingdom's future is at stake as Mario's team of rebels engages with Bowser's army of gun-wielding mooks. Will they succeed in their quest? Find out below in part 6 of the epically violent Mario Warfare.

If you're just joining us, first take a look at parts one through five here, here, here, here, and here, respectively.

Mario Warfare - Part 6 [beatdownboogie@YouTube, thanks Kevin!]


    Last episode was a little slow, but this was just brilliant... plus that ending :D just majorly amazing!!!!

      First time Ive watched it. Absolutely brilliant indeed. They should really do a real movie… :D

        Watched the first 5 eps? They're a great watch. Ep5 is just really a character developer, it's not a bad episode by any means, just sort of 'the calm before the storm'.

          Nah. This was the first time i've watched any episode…. am gonna check the others out when I've go a bit more time :P Cant wait!

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