Mark Ecko's Graffiti Game Gets A New Publisher And Goes To Steam

Oh awesome. Mark Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, remember that? Didn't work out exactly as its namesake expected — Mr. Ecko said Atari "shit the bed" with the idea. It's still the same game, but it has a new publisher and it's gone up on Steam.

Devolver Digital, the publisher of Hotline Miami, made the surprise deal. The game didn't review well in its 2006 release but acquired a respectable cult following. Ecko himself vowed to remake the game, though it never came to pass.

Getting Up is what it suggests, you're spray painting crap on walls and evading an evil anti-graffiti force that will shoot your arse, because they're done making taggers pick up trash on the highway. There's some parkour involved, too.

The game is $US7.49, a 50 per cent discount.

Mark Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure [Steam]


    Oh god. Why did Devolver take him up on this offer? This game looks pretty damn terrible in both gameplay and visuals. Also, this Marc Ecko guy seems like a bit of a dickhead. Oh well, just another game to add on the 'don't play list'.

      Given it's still banned here under what is probably the most dubious classification refusal in Australian games history, that might be for the best.

        The most frustrating part about that was it was banned for encouraging graffiti (or anti-social behaviour, or some such phrasing) yet around the same time they let a DVD that was literally an instruction manual on how to get to hard to reach places and graffiti on it.

          And they let Jet Set Radio get released AND Jet Set Radio Future...

      Why don't we instigate a new rule that if a game doesn't hit a minimum of 60% on Metacritic it just gets banned from sale.

      Is there some kind of mass insecurity epidemic going on or something?

        Yeah, because junk statistics tell us all we need to know about subjective based experiences without the hassle of playing/thinking for oneself...

    And so it was with all things in the consumer world, the increase in availability and cheapness of resources brings us the influx of those wonderful knockoff Sorny, Panamafonics, and Magnetboxes of the gaming world.

    I found a copy of this at a Game Traders store some years back. Not a bad game actually, not sure why people slag it off -- especially those who never played it.

      I seem to recall it was pretty lousy. A pretentious plot and little creativity (from the player) in the graffiti aspect of the game are what stuck in my mind.

    So what's the deal with this? As far as I can tell, it's still RC and thus all sales of it are illegal. So when it gets pulled from Steam (inevitably) - will Steam still allow purchasers to keep access to the game (which might in itself be illegal every time they allow it)? Will they refund people? Through cash refunds or Steam credit?

      As far as I can tell once it is in your Steam library and they pull it, you still get to keep it, regardless of reclassifications. I have a few games in my account that are no longer available (though for publisher issues) and can install and play them any time.

      People can also gift you banned games that can be added to your account without issue as well. Plenty of people do it for the uncut Left 4 Dead 2.

        OK - I e-mailed Steam. They were less than helpful, giving me a fairly blank response. I spoke to OFLC, who confirmed that the game's still RC and who indicated that the fact that Steam's DRM requires check-in each time you try to access the game may result in each access being an individual case of Steam "exhibiting" the game to you because they're an active participant in the process.

        So it may well be that if Steam permits people to play RC games such as this one they're acting in breach of law every time you play it.

        Publisher issues are a different story.

    I wanted to play it because it's about graff culture and has some characters based on famous graffiti writers like Seen, TKid, Cope2, but it was banned here which was a bummer, so now's my chance i guess.

    A lot of people were pouring shit on it, but it sounded like a lot of those people have no idea about graffiti writing so they kind of missed the point.

    Marc Ecko is a bit of a douche though.

    I have it for the PS2, and actually enjoyed it alot.
    Don't think the graphics would really hold up to todays standards..

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