Meet Two Of Titanfall's Titan Classes

Hammond Robotics is the fictious contractor building those ballbreaking mechs in Titanfall, and they'd like to pat themselves on the back for the success of their latest project, the Ogre, which we saw for the first time at tonight's VGX.

And after a 20-minute musical guest and some conspicuous time filling, the VGX came back with another video for Titanfall, showing off a fleet-footed Stryder to complement the lumbering Ogre.

And yes, I tried that phone number, it takes you to a bunch of pre-recorded messages and hold music masquerading as a typical corporate phone tree, then hangs up.


    The CoD killer.

      Probably not, cos it doesnt say CALL OF DUTY: TITANFALL. So, a lot of the kind of people who play/buy cod, won't get it.

      Agreed, it wont take much to top ghosts....its the only way they'll learn

    I feel that the appeal of Titanfall is that its 'dirty and harsh' Sci-Fi. Where as everything in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, everything was sleek, with futuristic angles and blue computers everywhere - Titanfall looks like its machines made for real battle, dirty, chipped and messy.

    Was Titanfall always this grey? I remember the other videos being more colourful. Oh well, if they go for the mechwarrior style of aesthetics, I suppose it is their choice.
    But you would think, since Titanfall is inspired by Japanese mecha...

    For anything to be a CoD killer, that would mean the players from CoD will migrate to that game. Now people ... do you want that to happen?

      oh good lord your right. i dont need a 12 yr old screaming abuse while in a mech even though it would be supremely satisfying shoving a grenade up his exaust

    Hard to decide Ogre or stryder, im asuming they are the two extremes....everything else will be inbetween

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