Mega Man Board Game Now Live On Kickstarter

Mega Man Board Game Now Live On Kickstarter

An officially licenced Mega Man board game went live on Kickstarter today, proving once and for all that Capcom doesn’t hate Mega Man — they just hate making Mega Man video games.

The company behind this board game, Jasco Games, is asking for some $US70,000 to make it happen. Looks pretty cool!


    • Yet another example of the Kotaku AU staff not giving a shit about articles which have no use to us.

    • There are a couple of mail forwarding services out there that you can use to get around that if you’re interested. I use a place called MyUS for work stuff. Although it’s mostly because I buy in quantities from various sources, and it’s cheaper to get them to consolidate it into one international shipment than to pay international freight on a dozen individual items.
      They’re not the cheapest way to ship a single item from the US to Australia but they’ll give you a US postal address you can use. Really helps get around these annoying restrictions.

  • Honestly, regional licences for physical products haven’t made all that much sense for products like this ever since online shopping became a thing. There is literally nothing stopping me from paying someone in the US to order this for me, and then paying for it to be shipped to me.

  • They’ve said they’re trying to change their contract so they can allow for international shipping/pledges. They said that if they do, it’ll probably be a stretch goal now.
    Considering they managed to get over their original target within 9 hours of the kickstarter going live, they could make so much more opening it up to international orders

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