Microsoft Is Researching A Bra. Well, A Smart Bra.

There's a good reason for that. According to Microsoft, a bra is close to the heart. You know what else it's close to? The stomach, that's what.

The BBC reports that researchers from Microsoft's visualisation and interaction research group designed a bra that's able to detect emotions. This comes after the reveal of Sony's smart wig project.

The bra was outfitted with a gyroscope and an accelerometer as well as an electrocardiogram and electro-dermal sensors to monitor stress. The bra communicated with a smartphone app to help track moods and stop emotional over-eating.

Don't look for this Microsoft smart bra to hit stores anytime soon.

Said Microsoft researcher Asta Roseway, "It was very tedious for participants to wear our prototyped sensing system, as the boards had to be recharged every three to four hours."

Microsoft working on a smart bra to measure mood [BBC]


    Couldn't the natural motion of breasts be harnessed to recharge the battery?

    Well in all honesty the gaming industry has put more time into Boob physics than any other industry

    What are they doing for men though? Or aren't we allowed to eat Quiche?

      Because men have only 2 emotions: Horny or hungry. So if he doesn't got an erection, he might want a sandwich.

    I thought women's emotions came from their brains, not their breasts.

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