Modder Shows Xbox One Can Boot From A Bigger, Faster Hard Drive

Despite the lack of support to swap in different hard drives (especially ones of a larger capacity) in the Xbox One, this guy says he's gotten the two pieces of hardware to cooperate. Not only that, the console runs faster with a non-stock hard drive installed.

Booting to the main screen goes about 10 per cent faster with one; loading a level in Call of Duty: Ghosts goes about 20 per cent faster.

Of course, installing this drive (or any) is going to void your warranty. And, as he points out, he still needs to figure out how to partition the drive so that its full capacity can be used. But the video suggests it can be done, at least.

As for why the Xbox One wouldn't support such modifications, that should be obvious. Christ, they won't even expose how much space you're using on the OEM drive. You sell a lot more peripherals and create a lot more demand for future models this way. I can't upgrade the hard drive in my iPad 4 for example, which for some reason needs 1.2GB of hard drive space to implement a 50MB operating system update. Oh noes! I should buy a new machine rather than delete games from the old one.

He's showing more of his work here.

Xbox One Hard Drive Upgrade Alternatives With Benchmarks [YouTube]


    Give us a damn NBN that works and it becomes less if an issue how much space you have in these things (or anything). Delete what you aren't playing and redownload it when you want to...

    MS are definitely trying to become more closed off like apple.

    According to Microsoft, they're adding external hard drive support and user managed storage some time soon after launch.

      This ^ I don't think they are doing it in order to sell future consoles, as that same concept doesn't really apply (hell I don't even think it does to tablets, especially if you've bought an iPad, if you wanted space, expandable storage on an Android tablet is the way to go).

      They will be doing it to make money partnering / selling external hard drives with the marketing bullshit of "Ready to go for Xbox One!" or something of the sort.

        Maybe. I think they did it because when the console was designed the idea was that you'd be able to play games completely off the hard drive without discs. They probably didn't want to run the risk of an injection point for jail breaking it. I mean you've got to assume swappable HDDs and external USB storage must be pretty much built into the OS by default.

    People just can't stop screwing with things can they.
    There is not even enough games released to fill the hard drive yet and people are trying to upgrade their drive and also complaining about not being able to see how much space is left.
    If the day comes when you don't have enough room on your drive then I'm sure you will be told why and be given an offer to delete stuff.
    The OS may be updated before then to enable storage device management and or external storage enabled.
    People really want to talk about nothing these days.

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