Motion-Controlled Anime Boobs Exist (*Sigh*)

Motion-Controlled Anime Boobs Exist (*Sigh*)

I'm not sure why they exist. But, as Japanese site IT Media points out, they do. And what's this tech demo called? "Oppai Motion," or "Boob Motion" in English.

Warning: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

As you can see in the below video, the demo uses the Leap Motion gesture input device to, I dunno, become abreast of the tech. Whatever the reason, the end result is pretty creepy!

The developer who created this demo has put the source code online. It would be surprising if Leap Motion, for better or worse, wouldn't find a ready audience among adult PC game players in Japan.

ついに2次元キャラのアレをもめる技術が開発される [IT Media]


    Bashcraft is one of those guys I'd rather ignore if I met him at a party or PAX or something.

    "Warning: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable."

    Are you kidding me? You now have to hand out warnings for a pair of covered breasts? Not to mention pixelising the cover image?
    This is PG rated at most!

    Theres no denying the tackiness of it, but causing offence? We have become that prudish? Well, not me, but other readers?

      Maybe people with kids in the room.

        Don't take kids to the beach then.

          Yeah I see this kind of thing at the beach all the time.

            Obviously sarcasm, so... You don't see bikini covered breasts at the beach?
            You ever been to a beach?

              There's plenty of bikinis at the beach.

      Maybe it's more of a warning/disclaimer to those inclined to Bashcraft bashing

    This isn't remotely new. I saw a iPod app which let you do something similar to an arbitrary photo years ago (I think within the first year of the iPod Touch's lifetime.) There are quite a few of them around now

    Perfect example of what kind of useless writers infect the modern enthusiast press. Get this guy's stupid garbage off the site. No one can be proud of this kind of manipulative, sensationalist trash.

      I, for one, sure enjoyed it. Oppai~

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