My Kingdom For This Retro-Themed PS4


    That is beautiful.

    Wood paneling makes everything better!

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      To be more specific... fake-arse, plasticy, try-to-be-real-wood paneling makes everything better ... that looks awesome!

    "I would sell every other piece of video game hardware I owned to get hold of it."

    Send me every piece of hardware you own, and I will build you one :)

    While I appreciate the effort that went into making this image and understand it's just a matter of personal preference I've got to say that's ugly as sin. I'm not a huge fan of the whole shiny black box with glowy bits trend of modern electronics, but this image makes me glad we moved passed the fake wood grain panel phase.

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      Wood paneling makes everything better!

        I think Woodie Panel vans are the epitome of this as an example!

      Indeed ugly as sin lol they ruined controllers awesome Damn that's ugly

    That is ugly as all hell. The PS4 looks too modern to pull this off.

    The Xbox One could easily pull off a retro look because it already has an old VCR look about it as it is.

    Wait... The PS4 has those shitty "touch" sensitive buttons the PS3 had and doesnt actually have REAL buttons

    Why cant systems have real buttons anymore? Why cant I just press a reset button and the damn thing resets instead of taking 20 seconds, beeping three times and then self-imploding?

    Should have leisure computer system on the front of it though >.>

    It's looks nice...but me personally, the PS4 is a little too modern to have a retro look..

    The controller however looks great...I would like to have one of those

      It isn't too modern, it kind of looks like an old cassette storage drawer:
      They had the same angled lines.

    This shouldn't be too hard for someone to make as a kit - vinyl stickers and replacement buttons = win.

    Needs a brushed aluminium switch for the power button. Something like this....

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