NBA 2K14 Keeps Crashing, But 2K Sports Says It Knows What’s Wrong

NBA 2K14 Keeps Crashing, But 2K Sports Says It Knows What’s Wrong

A recently released patch for the Xbox One version of NBA 2K14 appears to have done little to solve the repeated crashes occurring in the game’s MyCareer mode. While 2K Sports says it knows what the problem is, it has no timetable on when a solution may arrive.

Server problems have bothered NBA 2K14 players on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox One, which is especially bothersome as a gamesave begun online cannot be used if the 2K servers are down — users must create a new gamesave offline. But this appears to be something altogether different, crashing the game outright and usually from within MyCareer, during one of the narrative scenes forming the story of a created player.

2K Sports’ official forums are alive with complaints of crashes and threads elsewhere have all described pretty much the same thing. Yesterday, a 2K Sports representative told Kotaku that they are “currently working to address a known issue that has been impacting MyCareer on next gen consoles. We will be certain to keep the community informed as the fix is implemented.”

Asked if there was any idea when this issue would be fixed, 2K Sports replied only that “we are aware of what’s causing the issue and the top priority is to fix that.”

Tuesday saw the rollout of the first patch for next-gen editions of NBA 2K14, at a whopping 2 gigabytes large. While patch notes say it fixed an issue in MyCareer’s save files, it either didn’t fix the overall crashing problem, or it made it worse. I’m hearing that at least it pointed out for 2K exactly what the problem was in MyCareer, so there’s that.


  • Its crashing in every mode even offline wtf this is the only game i have if they know what it is fix it ASAP its more then just bugs its unplayable in every mode Mad as hell

  • I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t seem to be able to actually even use the MyGM mode without an online connection? This whole online saving thing really bothers me. My home network inexplicably goes down from time to time (like it did today) and all of the sudden I can’t play anything in 2K14 but a quick match. What a broken game.

  • HEY I FOUND A FIX TO THIS ISSUSE I THINK I REST BACK TO FACTORY SETTING ON MY XBOX AND LET 2k14 resync and now its working and i still have my player resync takes bout 15 to 20 mins with 2k hope this helps

  • I find that mine locks up on xbone occasionally but if I leave it for a minute it seems to come good after 30 second or so. hasn’t got to a stage where I have to power on and off

  • What I would like to know is,, why diddnt 2k incorporate the create a player function in nba 2k14,, and if thats something we could look forward to in a patch, or will it even be available in nba 2k14,, i think this is something a lot of people realy enjoyed and removing it wasnt a good idea,, ive seen a lot of people switch over to live as bad as that game is, just bekause 2k dosent have this feature anymore….

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