New Domo-Kun Figure Looks Like A Turd

New Domo-Kun Figure Looks Like A Turd

Domo-kun is originally a mascot for Japanese public broadcast company NHK. In the stop-motion anime he appears in, Domo-kun doesn’t quite look like a turd. This upcoming figurine? Total turd.

Maybe it’s all the points of articulation that give this shiny brown Domo-kun a very poo-like appearance? Or the lack of soft fur?

Here’s what the real Domo-kun looks like:

Domo-kun is the latest character to come to live in Kaiyodo’s Revoltech line of highly poseable figures.

Revoltech’s Dookie-kun, sorry, Domo-kun figure goes on sale next April in Japan.

こんなに可動するどーもくんは史上初!! [あみあみ]


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