New Thief “Story” Trailer Actually Has Gameplay Footage

New Thief “Story” Trailer Actually Has Gameplay Footage

Eeehhh, we’re a bit uneasy about the new Thief game. But hey, we won’t know until we get our hands on the finished product. Until then, here’s a story trailer, which given its airing during the VGX should have been just cinematic fluff. So it’s nice they also stuck some gameplay in there.


    • That’s actually canonical with Thief 3, but I think the trailer shows pretty much the extent of her inclusion in the game, or at least until the cloakies resurrect her as a villain or some such.

    • Thats because Dishonoured looked an awful lot like Thief. Shame it didnt really have the same kind of gameplay… ;P

  • I’ve never played a theif game…but the impression I got from a Gand informer article was the movement was a bit dumbed down

    • Basically in the old ones you failed if you killed ANYONE on hard difficulty. and on some mission (most) it was also instant failure if you knocked them out, you were expected to get in and out unseen, was probably the first and only true hardcore stealth game.

      • Not sure what that has to do with a comment on movement, but regarding the difficulty, in the VGX interview they said the difficulty has custom settings so you can even set it to wipe your game if you get spotted once ever. So it’s still gonna be hardcore if you’re up for it.

        • I kind if meant it being like assasins creed “hold button and go in this direction to do everything”

      • I’ve only played Thief 2 through once. However I played it on Expert difficulty and I don’t remember many missions where you failed if you knocked anyone out so I think you’re exaggerating there.

        I didn’t knock many people out in my play through though, because the games lore and tone cultivate the want to play the game clean and professional, to live up to the reputation that Garett has.

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