Nintendo Question Is Way Too Hard For Game Show Contestant

Nintendo Question Is Way Too Hard For Game Show Contestant

Let's be fair here: this woman is answering a question on a generalist quiz show. I bet there are plenty of you lot, even after reading stuff like this, who wouldn't have been 100% in answering this question.

So skipping was definitely the smart move. Come on, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. You might want to dial back the difficulty, just a little.

For the record, the answer was C: Baseball gloves. In the course of its 100-year history the company has indeed made instant rice, run taxis and even owned a love hotel.


    Er, yeah. I had no idea on that one. Knew about the hotel chain but not the others.

    Man the baseball gloves is a bit of a curveball (hehehe) since I believe they own a baseball team. I kinda just saw "baseball" and thought, "yeah they did that."

    They're mainly a japanese company. I knew about the hotel chain, and "cards". Rice and taxi's(would ads count?) seem likely for Japan... but that would be an expensive guess.

    Huh. I knew they did cards, love hotels, taxis and toys... never knew they did anything food-wise. Would've guessed rice for sure.

      I was in the same boat... hadn't heard they'd done instant rice...
      Though I knew Yamauchi owned a baseball team (the Mariners?) so figured the gloves was a curve ball...

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