Nintendo's 2DS Pokémon X & Y Bundles Are The Saddest Bundles Of Them All

No special colours or decals — just the standard blue 2DS with Pokémon Y at Toys"R"Us or the red with Pokémon X at Target for $US149.99. The games come pre-installed, so you don't even get a pretty case. What a festive way to say "here's your damn Pokémon". Both bundles will be in their respective stores December 6.


    Why must a package deal be a special edition??

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      Because you're not a gamer unless you're an entitled gamer.

    Why is Y (red) bundled with the blue 2DS. Is X (blue) bundled with the red 2DS?

    My kids wouldn't be sad at all if they scored one of these for Christmas.
    Jeez, how spoilt would they have to be not to be stoked?

    Seems a reasonable price, I guess. And a lot of people buying a 2ds may be doing so for pokemon. So, makes sense. But yeah, it feels like they could have slapped a sticker on it or something.

    Just wondering if this is coming to Australia at all? Asked EB Games but they didn't have any knowledge of it.

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